Vacation: Getting there was easier than I thought

I’m not a big fan of traveling and it’s probably quite obvious to everyone around me that I am not the seasoned traveler. I didn’t know to push my bins onto the security conveyer. They expect you to do that evidently. The guy just looked at me like, “Duh, woman. Push it on yourself.”

Despite my airport anxiety, once we got through security in Nashville we were well on our way to Florida, thinking, “okay, that’s not so bad. Now to find a Starbucks!” We did and had a little while to wait. I looked up at Avery from whatever I was messing with and saw her looking over my shoulder and waving with her head cocked to the side and her eyes all aflutter. What in the world, I thought! I turned around to find our friend Mike on his way to his flight! It was a great surprise to see a friend in an unfamiliar place! Wow. Vacation was off to a pretty neat start. It must be a sign of great things to come.
Over Alabama and through the clouds to Grandma\'s house we go

We made it to Florida just fine, although the flight was turbulent and Avery’s ears were hurting. I just kept imagining that a few hours later the tears rolling down her face would have been replaced with drips of water from the pool and that we would be absorbing so many glorious UV rays, my dermatologist would have nightmares. Little did I know…


~ by hthr on April 12, 2008.

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