Birthday pics

Brian thought I should title this, “Because it’s not about me” and if you scroll down you’ll see exactly what he meant. Avery had a good birthday yesterday. We kept busy without overdoing it. Had lunch with daddy, shared sweet conversation over pumpkin bread & chocolate milk / chai tea at Starbucks, and began the novelty of having her cast signed.

When daddy left work, we went to eat at PFChangs, then off to BuildABear. and dropped in for some wonderful ice cream at Maggie Moos. Avery wanted to have a BuildABear party, and now, I’m glad we didn’t plan for anything major because we totally are not feeling up to hosting a party. Regardless, we took the girls and they had fun. Avery picked the ugliest one on the row. She ran over to have him stuffed and Brian caught her going “Whoa, whoa whoa…did you see these over here?” But she was smitten with the cheetah. And sadly, my camera battery died promptly after taking this:

I would have loved to have a picture of the look on his face at the cash register when we were all said and done. Instead, I just felt the jerking motion at my side. Oh well, they had fun and as Brian said, “It’s not about me”.

Avery is doing good with handling her arm. When we got home last night after getting ice cream, she put her new little “Princess” on the floor and held it down with her knee while she pulled off its bows and other little stuff. It was pretty funny. She’ll be fine. It’s mom who’s not quite as resilient.

I just can’t believe my baby is 5 years old! Is there a pause button on this life?


~ by hthr on April 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Birthday pics”

  1. congrats on having such a beautiful five-year old! it sounds like you all had a fun day yesterday 🙂

    as for the pause button, sometimes I wish there -was- one. guess it keeps you mindful of staying in the moment and cherishing time instead of letting it just go by.

    hope you are well!!!

  2. Awww, what a little sweetie! Glad she had a good birthday. Hope her arm heals nicely.
    Your girls are beautiful!

  3. I’m glad she had a good birthday!

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