Sometimes life is stale (i.e. “I need a vacation”)

Right. So I’m going on one. A mini-one. The girls & I are flying to Florida to visit my parents and I am very excited.

And freaking out. Because I haven’t done this with two kids in tow before. By myself. In an airport.

Did you know I get nervous in crowds and large public places? I do.

And public restrooms freak me out. I almost cussed when I typed that I hate them so much. I will choose to go home instead of use a public restroom if at all possible. That’s a real interruption in your day when you have a 4 year old with a bladder the size of a lima bean. Moving on: I certainly didn’t intend to blog about public restrooms tonight.

Just catching you up on where I’ve been the past few … days? weeks, really? I haven’t been blogging much although my head is all a whirl with things. Praying has been tricky for me lately. I find it easy to pray for other’s needs. I just can’t seem to lift up my own. I keep thinking God must be so aggravated just knowing that I’m about to approach Him with my list of needs as I see them, while there are children dying of hunger, and cancer, and people bearing unimaginable hurts … and I have things that I think I need that seem so foolish in comparison. No…my perspective has shifted. And although I want to, I dont ask. And yet I think He knows. And I do have to wonder why He would take interest in my quiet little life here on the cul-de-sac. When I can’t sleep though, I like to think that He is waking me – in the only quiet hours I get – so we can talk together without interruption. Because maybe, just maybe, He knows that after 8:30am, my ears will be unwillingly tuned in to the likes of the High School Musical soundtrack and Hannah Montana. And who wouldn’t lose their minds listening to that all day? Loudly. Because 4 year olds like it cranked. Mine does at least.

It seems like we are called to approach the Throne boldly, and yet, my boldness is anything but as of late. I’ve had many moments the past month of “I don’t know if I can do this“. As in, parenting. Being consistent. And honestly, even having the self control to act like the grown up and do whats fair without stomping my foot.

That’s hthr speak for: We’re having some discipline problems. All A’s toys have been taken away (much like her sister’s clothing fiasco of last year) and she could totally care less. All this (and much more) makes for a frustrated mommy who doesn’t want to take her kids in public because they’ll think it’s a treat. You know, the fresh air and all. (I’m kinda kidding.)

The upside is, we’ve paid off a chunk-o-debt this month, so the not-out-shopping thing is working for us. But it’s also kind of boring (not the pay-off part; the lack of social interaction is what kills me.) So goes the unending circle of wanting to be with friends, but in a funk so I’m not great company, so I spare them and sit & eat Easter candy watch The View & Oprah feel unmotivated to do productive projects and housework, which means I’ve (once again) not invited someone over when I wanted to because … the pile of (taken away) toys in the dining room covered with a blanket is just too much to explain (among other things). So eat another piece of Easter candy. Did I mention I’ve been exercising? And my body hurts? And I want to pass out from exhaustion afterwards? I must be some age other than my real age. I must be. Or someone has poked a doll with a great many pins from afar. That’s entirely possible too.

Maybe winter is my problem. Maybe its not my kids. Maybe I’m just cold and need sunshine. My mom has good intuition into these things and that is why she said, “You sound depressed. Come to Florida.”

Really? okay….

So will someone please entertain my hubby while I’m away? Don’t let him spend each night playing World of Warcraft. Seriously. If his eyes are bloodshot when I get home, a few of you will hear about it. (That’s not a threat, I’m just say’in…)


~ by hthr on March 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sometimes life is stale (i.e. “I need a vacation”)”

  1. Don’t forget to take some chewing gum for the plane ride. Let the kids (if they do chew gum) have some to help out their ears. I despise public restrooms too! Have fun!

  2. Just make sure you come home! 🙂 You and the girls will be missed… a lot!

  3. On a lighter note- hthr- did you realize you talked about two different thrones in the same blog. =) I was just getting over the bathroom stories and immediately read “approach the Throne boldly” I know it was an intimate moment but I laughed a little =) I’m excited you get to go to Florida! That always cheers me up and rejuvenates me. When you get back we need to have dinner again. I wont mind the toys in the corner, or you guys could always drive up to our place. Either way- Chad and I have a new game to show you guys. Have fun!

  4. I think you just wrote out the story of my life. I know we have talked about getting together – but we REALLY need to.
    I wish I was going to Florida too, I need a vacation – except I might choose to leave the kids at home!
    Tell hubby he can look my hubby up on World of Warcraft – I am sure mine will be there.

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