hthr’s Faaavorite Things [for spring]

ahh yes, it’s that time again…I’ve found some new stuff I can’t resist sharing with you. Of course, you have to do the same, and I’m not tagging you this time…I’m just gonna let you comment away or link back to this post with some of your favorite things…here I go…

Fekkai Hair Glossing Cream. This is available at Bath&BodyWorks and … wow! does it ever work wonders on fly-away hair! Ask for a sample…they have them…and then try it for yourself! I only have to use an amount smaller than dime-size on all Tay’s thick hair to tame it down. Oh, so pretty and smooth & static free … all day!

MacGourmet. Leave it to my WonderHusband to find me the software of my dreams. If you find yourself calling your mom for a lost recipe from time to time and forgetting the login & password to the umpteenth online recipe box then you need this! Of course, you’ll have to have a Mac to do have it…if you’re already there, give this a try for FREE and see if you like it! How awesome is that??!!

ClifBars and Boost. I never in a million years thought I would hand my child a shake on her way out the door, but seriously…these are yummy and nutritious. The ChocolateMocha is my favorite shake, but I’m really liking the new Smoothie’s they have too. I’ve made room in my grocery budget for ClifBars, and thanks to Costco, it’s not all that painful.

MaggieMoos. You simply must.just.go and rediscover how good ice cream can be. They were voted “best ice cream in America” … I don’t know who the judge was on that, but I don’t much doubt that it is one of the best. They even have lactose free ice cream for those of us who are afflicted with intolerance.

Simplifying. There’s no outgoing link on that. It’s just something we’ve been doing more of. It feels better to deal with less and put the extra money from sales of extra stuff to good use; accelerating the road to debt freeeedom!


~ by hthr on March 26, 2008.

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