A Course in Miracles…a lesson a day keeping Jesus away

Oprah & Friends (on XM radio) is offering a ‘lesson a day’ on A Course in Miracles led by author Marianne Williamson. I had heard that this had some questionable content, but not having XM, didn’t pursue exploring it. However, my cousin Tammy did and she wrote a great post about it from a Christian perspective this weekend. Feel free to leave her a comment if you stop by…

Separately, Oprah has been doing a 10-week online webinar with Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth, Awakening to your Life’s Purpose. I have to say I have been incredibly hesitant to think that this book might be just about that…it sounds nice. It sounds like something many people would want to read, and yet I fear it has underlying themes. Or, as my cousin Tammy says,

“…They take the truth of God’s Word and twist it ever so slightly – making their lies sound really beautiful and lovely. Unfortunately, unless you know the Word of God (The Bible) for yourself, you would listen to these teachings and think, “that’s pretty good advice”. As you listen to these lessons they sound more like a self-help psychology book than a cult or false religion…”

Does all this “new age-iness” give anyone greater pause to her endorsement of Barack Obama? Just wondering.


~ by hthr on March 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “A Course in Miracles…a lesson a day keeping Jesus away”

  1. I have to do my own research on Barak Obama. My main concern is that he claims to be a Christian yet he supports abortion at all stages of a woman’s pregnancy. Hmmm. I need to get busy on more research. Thanks for you link to my site. Although Steve thinks I need to be careful what I write about. He’s worried Oprah is going to come after me with a slander lawsuit. So be it!

  2. The people who really twisted the truth about JESUS are those fakes in the church. They put down ACIM and others, because what the church teaches about the bible and Jesus is just NOT true.

    Case in point. If you didn’t read the bible and claim to follow Jesus you would think that being a homosexual is horrible. Yet, when you go to the bible yourself to see what JESUS says about being gay, NOT what the church says, you find that Jesus says NOTHING! Now, call me crazy, but if you are a Christian, ie, a follower of Christ, would you not then do what Jesus did? Yes. Then since Jesus says NOTHING about gays, if you are a true follower of him, you too would do and say Nothing. Funny, that’s not what the top Pastors in America do, is it. Millions of people today are following JESUS and not the church anymore, because we have been misled. And A course in Miracles is about the unfiltered Spirit of Christ. Not the Jimmy Swaggert or JAmes Dobson version. Oh, and PS. The bible does say not to eat shellfish, as that’s an abomination. I wonder why the born again Christians of the world don’t picket outside Red Lobster after church on Sunday. Think about it will you.

  3. Don, thanks for your rash generalization of Christians and the American church. Also, thanks for your tie raid on a blog post that has absolutly nothing to do with what you said other than a reference to a book title. I do wish I had time to debate your selective choice of scripture, or interpretation of, but I have a social issue to go protest. 😉

  4. Well said, B-Dubs!

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