These are the good ole’ days

I’ve been struck lately by the sweetness and generosity of people to the community.

Recently, I took Avery to a birthday party for “Dr. Seuss” at the local library. Different folks read their favorite Dr Seuss books and then a local woman had baked two birthday cakes to help the kids celebrate.

Seriously. How un-common is that these days? Someone baked a cake from scratch? For a bunch of bouncy preschoolers she hadn’t met? wow.

Then, yesterday, each of the four Kindergarten classes at my daughters school went on a field trip to the family farm of my daughters teacher for an easter egg hunt. It’s a tradition…she said she remembers when her grandma was living and she would stand on the porch and wave to the kids. The farm belonged to the grandparents of her teacher, but her mom lives there now – it is the house she grew up in. I believe I heard her say they have 148 acres. She was talking about all the animals they used to have and the crops they had grown there. How unusual to have such history in one place and even more so these days for someone to open their home to 80 or more Kindergardeners every year to play games, hunt eggs and have a picnic under the trees?

Yes, I love this place.

Here’s a pic of the kids taking off to get the eggs! Tay is on the left in pink and white and Avery is wearing yellow, carrying a basket … she’s the 3rd or 4th in from the left.



~ by hthr on March 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “These are the good ole’ days”

  1. easter egg hunt on 148 acres?! that sounds like the coolest hunt EVER! 😉

  2. oh, it would be…the Kdg’ners were contained to about 3000 square feet of it though!

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