The way we were…

Yesterday morning on the way home from dropping Tay at school, I was having many random quick thoughts and then one came into my head and stuck. I thought, Gary Chapman was reeeeallly on to something when he started the whole ‘love language‘ idea. That is a really marketable idea. People buy into that stuff. Not that it isn’t true…just that it’s catchy or something. Useful for most people.

Fast forward a little more than 12 hours from that drive home. I come home from FPU (Bri left early to get his clothes ready for his trip today, or so he said) and there are 2 dozen long stem roses on the table, a wrapped gift, and he is in the kitchen with the clothes dryer going while he’s doing dishes. “I was on to you!” I said. He scrunched up his face and smiled. Acts of Service is my LL. Big time. I’d rather have help than a gift most any day. Although, I don’t know…the roses smell really great…

Happy ninth wedding anniversary B! Love love love you.


Aww, here we are in Jamaica a few days later…



~ by hthr on March 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “The way we were…”

  1. I love you guys! Congrats on 9 years!

  2. Who are those kids in the pictures?? I love you too babe! More than ever!!

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