Introducing Clarabelle

Last weekend I was wearing a tank top and flip flops. No lie.

This weekend? rolling a 5+ foot tall snowman with Bdub & the girls.

It all started last night when my bunko night got canned because there was a winter storm warning. No one really wanted to drive in ice & snow and who would? Fortunately, I had a pot roast in the oven and my kids were 10 steps away from going to bed, so I stayed in and surfed the internet and watched the snow fall. It was nice to just sit and do nothing for a bit.

The girls were up at 6am and wanted to go out to play in the snow. We managed to hold off until we’d had a few cups of coffee in us and once we finally made it outside, we ended up staying there a couple hours. Brian says he hadn’t seen [that much] snow in 25 years! I’m pretty sure he was having more fun out there than the girls were!

They started out practicing packing snowballs by Bri & A hiding behind the hedge and throwing them at Tay & our neighbor friend who came over to play for a bit. Look [far right] at that arm Avery has!!


Everyone soon found out that it was a lot of hard work to roll those little snowballs into big ones! They were actually pretty heavy going uphill…


and lifting them was hard work too…good thing he’s been working out!


It should come as no surprise that Brian found creating a snowman a true artform. Just call him Gepetto. Case in point:


Then they got to accessorize her:


I just think she was the cutest thing! Taylor named her Clarabelle.



We all went inside, excited about our front yard friend and had some pie and hot chocolate. No more than 30 minutes later, the girls were headed to go take a nap and Taylor went to look out the window at Clarabelle in the front yard and she had taken a fall face down in the grass and smooshed all over. Poor thing. She was a little front heavy…we were a little sad. Such a cute one! With these crazy weather patterns, you never know…we might have another opportunity next weekend!

Speaking of which…I have been found by another childhood friend on myspace this week! I was so excited I couldn’t fall asleep that night…I haven’t seen my friend Allison in nearly 20 years! We grew up 2 doors down from each other and would walk to school together many days (you know, back when it was safe to do that!) My first day of school pics? With Allison. My birthday parties? Always included Allison. Snow days? See for yourself! Time to think about going north again. We need to reunite!



~ by hthr on March 8, 2008.

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  1. […] here’s the short version: We visited with my friend Allison who I hadn’t seen in about 20 years, my Aunt Frieda and Uncle Marv who have been married […]

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