Honesty in Sales, err, Giveaways.

Alrighty then. My husband will just shake his head at me if & when he sees what I’m about to show you.

I have found interest in some things on craigslist. I’m not buying, I’m selling, but I’m looking at what’s out there and how it’s priced, etc. So today I saw a line that said, “Awesome Free Green Couch” and I wondered what an awesome free couch looked like. The couch was not that great looking and I’m not going to take up space to show it to you. However the ad

What I have here is an Awesome Green Couch, Still in decent condition. 2 Normal sized people (under 180lbs each) can lay down on this couch and still be comfy. This couch has served us well, but today it has got to go. Again, this couch is Free!!! I haven’t cleaned out the couch so there maybe numerous papers, coins, army men, and probably an unmentionable or two. Dunno, and I don’t care. Anyways, Come by here with a truck today and pick it up before the storms hit.

Seriously. The only reason this person thinks the couch is awesome is because he/she made a few memories on it and potentially there were unmentionables left behind. For you to remove because they were afraid to. Eww! What’s wrong with people?

Sorry if I just wasted 2 minutes of your life with that.


~ by hthr on March 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Honesty in Sales, err, Giveaways.”

  1. I hate how people will write anything in an ad headline to get you to click on it. You know what’s doubly ridiculous? That someone will be excited to get this couch.

    Picture this with me… maybe sometime in the future you will meet a cool person and your family will become friends w/ them. You will go over to their place for dinner one night and guess what you’ll see… the green couch. When this happens, ask them how and why they got the green couch. The story ; will make for a great blog post. 😉

  2. An unmentionable or two…like what? Dirty underwear?

    Weird. Very Weird.

  3. If I were in college and had a truck, I might be sitting on that couch today. Thankfully, I’m not in college anymore.

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