Sure, no pressure

When I picked Taylor up from school on Friday, she announced that she had 4 loose teeth. FOUR!

She doesn’t. She just thinks she does. But it’s cute. She’s very excited about it all.

It did however remind me that I have very few pictures of her smiling big. Actually, I have very few pictures of her, smiling or otherwise as she has been most camera shy lately. We negotiated this afternoon and compromised that I could take 15 pictures of her.

15. That’s all I was gonna get. I just hoped upon hope that I could focus the camera correctly before my 15 shots were up. The auto-focus blew out before Christmas so its all manual for me! Yikes! Plus my vision is crap which makes it really hard to shoot manually. Anyhow, I have the dress I loved most from the girls up for sale on ebay and then I realized I never took a picture of Tay in it! How could that have happened?! So…the dress went on (and the warnings were issued, “don’t touch anything. don’t lean into or against anything!”) and we went out. For 15 clicks only. Here’s what I’ve got to share with you on this first most amazing day of springlike weather! I wonder if A can sit still long enough for the shutter to click? I’ll have to give it a try this week…

P.S…I did get a great tooth shot, but why would you want to look at my childs mouth full of teeth? I’ll spare you extra sweetness.



~ by hthr on March 2, 2008.

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