We’re still such Floridians

The whole front end of Brian’s and my bedroom is a bank of windows. So when I went to bed last night, I left all the blinds open because they were calling for snow. I was excited to wake up this morning to see the snow on the ground and once I did, I was reaaaally happy to turn over and go back to sleep since school was called off for a snow day!

It has been a good day of seeing the snow flurries start and stop and start again…and the sun shining intermittently. For most people, this wasn’t anything to get too excited about…but for the girls it was pretty fun. Here are a few pics of them getting out in it for a bit. (Click on the little ones to make them larger)


packing a snowballit tastes like … nothing?she totally launched it at me!080227-4.jpg

its all about the lipgloss for her080227-3.jpg


~ by hthr on February 27, 2008.

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