In the spirit of spontaneity.

When we moved into this house nearly a year ago, our girls each had their own rooms. The toys were divided and chaos abounded. BDub & I decided one morning over coffee that we wanted to put the girls in the same room for sleeping and all the toys in the other room to then be referred to as the playroom. He didn’t even finish his coffee before he headed down the hall to dismantle the bedrooms. It was all so we could shut the door and not view the mess, while resting happily at the end of the day knowing our kids had had a creative and imaginative time with their carefully chosen toys, they just wouldn’t have to sleep among them.

A lovely and noble thought. And that worked well for the most part. I mean, unless you couldn’t open the door because it was blocked internally. But I digress.

Now, Avy is our child who is growing like crazy. Just look at her ankles; springtime and shorts weather can’t come fast enough for her. She begs for food hourly. The fact that she’s growing taller also means the approach of something Brian has been warning me about. I have been in denial for quite some time, but I’m afraid the sand is almost up in the hourglass…Avy is outgrowing her toddler bed.

This is a very big deal to me. She is after all, my baby.

She has always been itty bitty, and boy does she ever get mad if someone says so! Oh my…that child has a big spirit and I thank the Lord for it. She is a little scrapper inside that teeny frame. Nonetheless, she is needing to stretch her long lil legs out at night and not be all curled up (or so I’m told). So the girls started sharing Tay’s double bed a month or so ago. It’s been great! Except that they have been up late talking and laughing a lot … and it’s all good fun until you can’t get up for school in the morning or you’re grouchy as all get out when you do finally roll out. (Am I talking about them or me? I forgot.)

So, last week, my hubby (who may or may never blog again) was out of town for a few days on business. Which means the girls go to bed a little earlier than normal. (Why? you ask? Because I can.) After ‘lights out’ there was a lot of giggling. Which makes me smile for the first 15 minutes. And then I call out to them to be quiet after another 10. After about an hour of it, I yell. Because my girls are tired. And I’m tired. And I know that if they’d just listen to me and shut their mouths and eyes, everyone would be happy both now and in the morning. (Obviously I’m skipping a lot from calling out to them after 25 minutes to yelling after 60. In-between I entertained unnecessary trips to the bathroom, requests for more water, acknowledgment of potential of strange noises in the next room, and complaints of ‘she kicked me’ and ‘ because she poked my arm’. Did I mention I had a splitting headache too?)

While the fits of giggles were background music to my evening alone on the couch, SuperNanny kept me company as she attempted to straighten up Wendy Wilson’s family. Ahh, I was transported to the land of encouragement. And take-chargedness (that’s so not a word). I paused the show, walked to the girls bedroom door (uh oh, calm & creepy, just like at the pediatricians office last month!) and I told them they needed to be quiet and go to sleep or I would have to separate them if they kept on.

They totally called my bluff.

I’m fairly sure as soon as I started replaying S/N they began mocking me in the form of whispers from the next room and then laughing about it. I paused the show yet again, went in their room and told Avy to go in the playroom while I grabbed up the mattress from her (empty) toddler bed. I put it on the floor in the next room, got her a blanket and pillow, tucked her in and I didn’t hear a peep out of either of them the rest of the night.

The next night, I tried them together in the same bed. But, I guess something was still funny, so Avy ended up back in the playroom on the floor. Same thing the next night. I have to say, they did sleep well.

However, waking up Saturday morning was less than ideal. I didn’t need to open my eyes to know what was occurring. Given that the crib mattress was already on the floor (did I mention I had just washed the 4layers of bedding we keep on it because while they were jumping on it they decided to pull it all off and toss it all over? They may have been playing parachute or something.) when my ears woke me up Saturday morning it wasn’t to the sounds of a little girl talking to me, my husband saying “I made you coffee!” or my phone ringing. No, it was the sound of a plastic covered mattress crunching its way down a hallway of laminate flooring. And two children. One pushing, one riding, and both imagining that they are on a sled. It made its way down the hall, into the dining room and back before I pushed their daddy out of bed to handle the situation. Welcome home, B. Welcome home.

And so, in the spirit of spontaneity and finding what works, this evening we separated the girls bedrooms again. Split the toys, the furniture…all the goods a sisterhood shares to make their rooms equally interesting and equally their own again…and they went to sleep, no questions asked. No extra trips out of their rooms. No one but their baby dolls to poke them in the ribs or the eye. I hope this works. It’s gotta work. Brian thinks it’s wonderful…all the excitement of switching things up and moving…but not. Thankfully. And hopefully Avy will just curl up while she sleeps. I simply don’t see anything unnatural about it.

Oh, and I had goals for myself tonight too. To be asleep by 10pm because I’d hoped I’d have had enough downtime for one evening before then, but I missed that one by a longshot. I’ll have to tune in to SuperNanny again this week for more inspiration. As in, a rested mom is a happy mom or some slang like that!

~ by hthr on February 25, 2008.

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