Even my hubby didn’t need to prep me for this comparison

Set aside your political party hat. I’m not going down any political journey here. Regardless of who you will vote for this November, watch these videos, and then lets have a discussion on video production and editing…or, maybe none will be necessary….

As far as I can tell, neither video is actually from the candidates offices, but rather made by a supporter. Even so, there is an emotion that is stirred up inside of me very quickly that sways one way versus the other. I’m not sure if thats healthy or not, but it is what it is. Am I alone here on this? Does the look & appeal of various media affect you? Or can you see to cut through it?


~ by hthr on February 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Even my hubby didn’t need to prep me for this comparison”

  1. I thought the Hillary one was not so great. The Obama one is very well done. I can see through it.

    I remember Harrison Ford was asked on the Late Show with David Letterman who he was going to vote for one time, and he replied with a response that I thought was wonderful. He basically said that he would not tell. He didn’t think it was right to use his celebrity status to influence votes. People should know the candidates and issues and make up their own minds rather than be influenced by videos such as these.

  2. While I agree with Ben, I’m a bit torn. After all, he and I and everyone else is fully entitled to state their personal opinion. Why, just because someone is a celebrity, should that freedom be frowned upon? Especially when they’re directly asked.

    Of course, I also like to think this country is full of intelligent, self determining individuals… and that’s clearly not the case.

  3. I’ve struggled for a long time with the platform that celebs jump on when it comes to political issues. They have the same right to campaign as anyone else. But I always get the impression that their opinion counts more than the rest of ours. And that their voice is louder simply because they have more money. And I have a problem with that.

  4. On a lighter note…I watched 2:10-2:15 of “Hillary” about ten times…and it’s still funnier every. single. time.

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