wake up calls

Saturday morning I was sleeping snug & sound in my bed. I heard a voice calling, “mommy. momm-eee. maaaa-meeee.” silence. I heard A loud and clear. She was in our bathroom. She was persistant. I was stubborn. “MOM! I need you!” She kept on for probably 10 minutes (she was fine, don’t accuse me of ignoring her!)

“It’s all you babe” Bri told me. I stumbled out of bed, around it and leaned up against the frame of the bathroom door. I squinted to see her as she was bent forward sitting on our commode. “Are you okay? Whats wrong?” Immediately I hoped and prayed the traveling stomach bug had not entered our home.

“uhhhmmmm….I wanted to know…how did you get that up there?” she looked up to the ceiling. “what?”


“the shower curtain?”


“are. you. serious? I clipped it up there. is that IT?” I sighed and shook my head and walked back to bed. As I was crawling back into bed and hoping to find the hot little spot I’d just left 2 minutes before, Tay starting calling for Brian from the other bathroom. “that one’s all you” I told him.

He laid there a couple minutes. “whaaaat” he called out to her. how can anyone sleep when everyone is hollering back & forth? She didn’t answer so Avy went to seek out the root of the call. She came back in the form of a messenger declaring that Tay needed daddy for a ‘messy poopy’. “Yeah…thats all you B” He then takes his turn in stumbling out of bed, pulling on some shorts, and stumbling down the hall. He goes in there to help her and discovers that she has a very clean little bottomside. By the time he came back to bed I had already dozed back to sleep (doesn’t take me long!) so I had no idea what had just transpired.

He decided once he couldn’t fall back to sleep that it was time for us to both get up and get our day started. “Whyyyyy? I got up to answer shower curtain hanging questions! I need more sleep!”

“I got up to wipe a perfectly clean butt. So we’re even.” And so we were.


~ by hthr on February 17, 2008.

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