happy looooove day

My husband did a midnight run to W@lmart (aka the craziest place in town the night before a holiday) and got some cards and saved me from forgetting stickers for the kids goody bags at the class party today. So this morning he gave me a card and a kiss and knowing how much thought I think should go into finding the right card, said, “it was slim pickin’s … the sentiment would either be, ‘Your love flows like a river…’ or something to the effect of Cupid farting.” I laughed so hard…

Feeling all inspired by the Pioneer Woman, I skipped the card and decided to appeal to his stomach. The smoke is now finally clearing after I browned a roast for supper and it smoked up half the house. I had to squint to see the girls on the other side of the kitchen! On the flipside though, I think the gravy will be reeeeeally good. (as a side note, if you are coming over for lunch this Sunday, have no fear…the crock pot will handle it!)

Well, my littlest Valentine is now asleep against my side making it tough to type….and my roast smells….roasty. I need to make sure it’s not flaming. It’s been a day full of sugar and fun for the girls. I on the other hand need some sweetening up. I am going to grab a container of frosting from the fridge and tune in to Opr@h!

Happy Valentines Day!


~ by hthr on February 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “happy looooove day”

  1. Don’t you just love that Pioneer Woman?!?! 🙂

  2. oh, I do, I DO!!! We did have one PW recipe catastrophe though a couple weeks ago…the chicken legs…says to bake 30 minutes. I had to bake 2.5 HOURS to get them done!! Regardless, you are officially my supper idea hero JJo.

  3. Tell me your folks are in town!?!?

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