Let’s just call it “Night & Day”

Blogging can be a curious thing. If you complain about something, complete strangers feel safe to come at you and criticize you in the third person as if you weren’t even there. I could have defended myself. I know my knight in shiny bloggy armor wanted to. We had been out to dinner and came home feelin’ all romantical until I checked my email and saw that danielle in bloggyland disagreed with me and had a few opinions of her own, which I shared with my husband, who rose to my defense as did his blood pressure. It ruined my evening, if you know what I mean.

So in the interest of balancing my supposed “bad attitude” I thought I would share with you my awesome experience when I went for a 2nd opinion for my daughter! Woo Hoo!

Let’s just get this out of the way: Cool Springs Eyecare – YOU ROCK!

We debated if we should pursue an allergist or an eye doctor for her problem. I called the office mentioned above who has the coolest, friendliest receptionist I’ve heard in years and told her right up front: “I don’t know if I should be calling you or another doc first. If you can guide me, I’d be grateful” and explained the situation. She consulted a tech for me for what I should do, then we made an appointment and she called me back later in the day to let me know how to keep her comfortable between then & the dr visit. She called again the next day to say that the doctor would like to see my daughter sooner and could I come in the next afternoon!

So, without further adue:
I arrived at my childs school to pick her up at 1:40
I was on my way at 1:50
I arrived at the Doctors office at 2:03ish (early once again! I’m on a roll here folks!)

I started filling out paperwork immediately. My kids anticipating another loooong waiting room wait asked how long it would take. I told them I didn’t know. Pick up a book.

The receptionist walked over to ask if I had completed the top page and she took it to get our chart in line.

I hadn’t completed the rest of the paperwork before my child’s name was called. What? huh? who? Did you say Tay? That’s right y’all….I didn’t wait 10 minutes. In fact, I didn’t even have idle time before they called us back!

So basically, we go back there, the nurse asks questions, the doctor comes in, interacts not only with me, but both of my children (the ‘sick’ one and the active, upside down on the chair and now kicking me to ask for gum, healthy one), talks to me about the situation, and then goes and asks for a second opinion from another doctor in the office. She was back within 5 minutes, writes an Rx for her, the nurse offers a lot of help and sample stuff and shows me how to do what i needed to do for her. The Doctor even walked us out to the cashier. Everyone we came in contact with talked to each of us. And if you have kids, you know how uncommon that is!

So…yes, let’s just call it what it is. Night & Day difference. A little bit goes a long way. And with a team of people each doing a little bit in their ‘department’ … each of the five people who helped me that day, made my trip to the eye doctor one that left a smile on my face and some hope in my heart. Hope that I’ll find a pediatrician like that too!


~ by hthr on February 2, 2008.

One Response to “Let’s just call it “Night & Day””

  1. So glad you had a better experience this time! And I hope Taylor is feeling better soon!

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