Let’s play pretend: dream job edition.

I was cooking dinner last night and in all the monotony of waiting for water to boil, I started debating … if I were to choose a job that I [think] I would love and I could be taught how to do it – even if it doesn’t come naturally or I just flat out know nothing about it – AND there were no obstacles (education or lack of, time, money, natural skill set, demand, etc) … what would it be?

You go first….


~ by hthr on January 31, 2008.

8 Responses to “Let’s play pretend: dream job edition.”

  1. Music producer. I’d be the white Kanye West.

  2. fashion designer (or maybe I’ve just been watching way too much project runway lately).

    p.s. I’m not a random stalker, Marianna sent this over to me at work today 🙂

  3. i’d be a rockin’ fiddle player for a popular band/artist. does that make me a rock star at heart?

    for the record, katie IS a stalker. you gotta watch out for her. 😉

  4. a writer and a mom. for sure.

  5. I’m caught between two also: a DJ (not the button-pushing kind, the vinyl scratchin’ kind!) or a Food Stylist.

  6. Without a doubt, a movie director.

  7. I would be a cartographer or captain of a ship.

  8. mine’s definitely the most boring…I would own and operate a used / rare book store…or cut hair…

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