Peeling & Revealing.

I find it hard to reach for my Bible. That’s a sick statement right there. I get frustrated. I am mostly embarrassed because I do not know really where to start. I can see how it would be intimidating for someone to pick it up for the first time. I was raised in the church, and I find it hard. But I think the real problem is that I don’t just try.

And so having had this building up inside for many months now, today my daughter napping, my heart calm, I crawled into my bed with my Bible in hand and prayed “God, reveal Yourself to me. Show me what You have for me here. Because it’s a big book. And there’s a lot to be had inside. But, I ….”

I sat there quietly, staring at my Bible. It was as if I was whispering in my head, “where? where do i look?” and moments later, “where? I want to know!” I was quiet. I was concentrating on having a clear head so that I could push my own thoughts away and just be still and listen. I started to thumb through my Bible. After a couple minutes, I found myself wondering where to stop or flip back to or what. My eyes wandered around my room to see where some devotionals or other religious themed books might be to help me out. My “told you so” thoughts started in and as I was listening to them, I simultaneously felt as though I heard “John … John, John, John, John…”

Why not, right?

So there I go, opening to the beginning of John. I tried, I really tried to examine what was there for more than face value. This is what’s so hard for me to do. Just dig in & get something. And I ultimately set my Bible to the side.

I thought I should surf on over to 268 and see if maybe there was something there I needed to read or hear. I got the most recent of Louie’s talks fired up on video entitled, “Hope: When Life Hurt’s Most”. A couple minutes into it, you’ll never guess what he says.

“If you have your Bible open up to the book of John.”

My head tilted back as my face burned with impending tears. I heard correctly. He understood. And this, was what I was meant to hear today.

Little else could have given me more peace than knowing my Heavenly Father heard me. And knew that for today, media was what would get my attention best.


~ by hthr on January 28, 2008.

One Response to “Peeling & Revealing.”

  1. Wow! That is the absolute best!

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