MySpace. It’s how neighbors meet.

So I was thinking I was the only one who may have introduced themselves to their neighbors via MySpace or Facebook, but last week my mind was put to rest when I met someone else who had done it too. In fact, since the birthdays pop up, he was able to wish his neighbor a happy birthday! And he’d never talked to him otherwise! he probably thought, “wow, what a nice guy!” and he is, but you know, how would he have known? Sometimes, the smallest things give you an ‘in’ to talking to someone…

One of my older neighbors only required a wave before he began to make his way across the culdesac to meet me. And I even got to hear part of his story. Stuff like that makes my heart race. I love meeting people. (oh, i just realized…i didn’t meet him on myspace. but anyway….)

One of our other neighbors (who I did meet on myspace) is on tour with a band right now. In all my profile surfing, I discovered pictures from an accident a couple months ago when their van & trailer smashed to smithereens all over an interstate. It was awful. It caught me in my throat because I see them in & out of our culdesac from time to time. So when I saw him last week, rather than dig for “whats new” or whatever and take 10 minutes of small chat to maybe get there, I cut right to the chase and he told me all about it. I wanted to know. And I would have wanted to know, had I not seen the pics myself, but how often do we really tell stuff. People ask me all the time what’s going on or whats new and I’m just like, “oh, i don’t know. laundry. and FPU pretty soon.” Lot’s of stuff is new & exciting, but how do I choose – and how do I know they aren’t just being polite!? A lot of people – really don’t want to hear. (But I do, so if you tell me laundry I’ll call you out on it!)

Another myspace friend had it listed that she has a photography degree – something I had not known (especially since I hate to state that I didn’t finish school. i think that’s why i avoid it.) Now we have something new to talk about and we are thinking of taking a class together sometime soon. It could have taken a while to get around to that otherwise.

My friend Courtney (ZoomBug in my blogroll) has a bittersweet time in her life right now. It’s great that I don’t have to drop a letter in the mail to her to let her know she’s in my thoughts & prayers. I can just leave her a comment. instantly.

I wonder if maybe MySpace is partially to blame for my infrequent purchase of stamps. It certainly helps keep my cell minutes at a minimum! And somehow I feel so much more connected with people. My favorite thing about it is that I don’t have to wait for a Christmas card to arrive in the mail to see a family pic (sidenote – we did not (not) send them this year because of myspace). I see pics of friends ALL the time. Really, and I see how talented my friends are with the camera. And the cool places they’ve visited, and other friends – who I might not friend request, but who doesn’t love to see what someone looks like 10 years later!?

Well friends, my clothes dryer just shut off … I have to get showered, have a second cup of coffee and go talk (face to face) with one of my neighbors…


~ by hthr on January 21, 2008.

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