Hug Etiquette

I am a hugger. Not one of those ‘hang on you’ kind of people, but I have always been one to give a hug when greeting someone (that I know). Men or women, doesn’t matter, if you’re my friend, you’re probably bound for a hug from me either hello or goodbye, unless I get the vibe that you’re not a hugger, in which case I respect the invisible fence around your shoulders! I’m in tune with that.

The other night we had friends over for dinner, and the girls & I were home, and one of the guys got here before everyone else – even my hubs. As I walked in the living room to say hey and was approaching him in the room, I had this feeling that it was inappropriate for me to hug him, so I stopped right where I was while thinking it would be totally awkward to get within any less than 5 feet of him. I totally thought that since no other adult was home, I needed to keep the distance and remove any possibility of what wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t and just not go there.

So, I invited him into the kitchen where I was finishing up prepping our supper and everyone else arrived within a few minutes. When he left a few hours later, he gave me one of those side-hug deals since we had a house-full, and all was well.

Brian laughed at me as I told him later how that all went down but said, “good call. funny…but good call.” It was very much a Larry David moment for me because of course, as I’m standing there in the living room, I’m thinking, is he like, “What’s up? Where’s my hug? What’s her problem?” or is there even such a thing as hug etiquette? Am I totally off my rocker? (Dont answer that.)

This is not a business conversation because I would not have just shook his hand. It’s a friends conversation. However, I think it almost parallels with the idea common in business that an unmarried-to-each-other man & woman should not be alone / ride together in a car. I am a big fan of that idea from past experience. And no, I’m not going there either. It just keeps everything on the up & up. Don’t you think?


~ by hthr on January 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Hug Etiquette”

  1. Completely agree with you

  2. I agree and I love Lampo for making that a strong tenant of their work. And um… your blackberry peach smoothie idea sounds wonderful. I think when they come back in season and aren’t so expensive, I will DEFINITELY experiment with that!

  3. Ah, so fun to find your fun little blog! Enjoyed the conversation today!

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