Noel. Not just for Christmas

There’s something I can’t shake from my memory from a Christmas church service I attended last month. I was attempting to really remember the Reason and not let everything else stress me out – life in general, and some added holiday flair common to most all of the households on my street.

I can try to explain how the man came around to my new, favorite definition of the word Noel, but I would more than likely mess up the Latin and you might just skip this paragraph altogether if I did. It’s okay, I would too.

Here’s the deal. Noel can be thought to mean, everything is gonna be alright.

Jesus is born. Noel!

Jesus has RISEN! Noel!

It’s a ‘big picture’ word … I find it incredibly meaningful.

~ by hthr on January 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Noel. Not just for Christmas”

  1. That was awesome! I like that a lot and I’ve never heard it explained that way.

  2. […] the Season Earlier this year I wrote a little post about the word NOEL. Basically, the word Noel, when traced back to its origins can be interpreted to mean […]

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