A Rut.

I’m in such a food rut. Dinner has become boring and breakfast is nearly impossible with the girls. This week, I resorted to giving them a Boost shake on the way to school. It was the easiest breakfast ever. And Brian thinks it was more healthy than most anything else I might have had to beg them to eat otherwise. For some unknown reason, it just feels wrong to me to have them drink their breakfast, but 40 minutes at the table and only 3 spoons of food down is further from acceptable.

But dinner….dinner is really troubling me … I’m relying on my friends here (that would be you) for some new fresh ideas to help me out!


~ by hthr on January 11, 2008.

10 Responses to “A Rut.”

  1. I’ve found this blog – http://thepioneerwomancooks.com/ it is about this woman who is married to a real life cowboy and has 4 children and cooks everyday type of things. Her pictures are great…in fact she has a regular blog http://thepioneerwoman.com where she posts about every day life and shows off her photos of the ranch…she has a great sense of humor!

  2. Drinking breakfast is fine. I remember growing up drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast all the time. Now try chocolate ice cream for breakfast… not that I know any parents who would let their kids have that! 🙂

  3. 1) I LOVE Boost drinks! I’ve drank them since my first pregnancy. McKinley loves to take drinks too and I think it’s probably better than any sort of waffle or instant oatmeal breakfast she’d otherwise get. 2) I have one last family cookbook – it’s yours! And I have a great breakfast burrito recipe too – maybe the girls would like to help make them, roll them, wrap, etc. and they’d actually eat them during the week! 3) When we “do lunch” I’ll tell you about when I make my one month menu’s – I try lots of recipes and we get to eat lots of different things…otherwise I’d cook the same old things.

  4. J Jo, the Pioneer Woman is nothing short of addictive. I can’t leave the site alone! Great find!

  5. An easy beef-bun crock-pot dish: Buy any old beef roast. Trim off the fat (or not -your call), stick it in a crock pot with a jar of pepperocinni peppers, and pour in a bottle of beer. Shred with a fork when it is done. Serve on buns with Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce (the sauce is the boss).

    Tacos: I slice three poblano peppers and cook them in a separate pan while the ground beef cooks (I use Laura’s antibiotic, growth-hormone free. it’s cheapest at Super Walmart). When the beef is finished add the peppers. I add 1/3 package of the lower-sodium taco seasoning and some water. I serve the tacos with refriend beans, shredded monterey jack cheese, sour cream…you get the drift. Walmart also carries ready-to-cook tortillas in the refrigerated section. We cook these up fresh. For desert: fresh tortillas with honey!

    Shepherd’s pie: layer cooked ground beef, two cans of french style green beans (drained), two cans of lower-sodium tomato soup, and top with freshly cooked rosemary, garlic, mashed red-potatoes and back for 30 minutes or so at 350F.

    Steve’s favorite: steamed broccoli and baby carrots served along side diced stir-fried chicken breast, served on top of brown rice. We use the stir fry sauce on the side to dip it in instead of pouring it all over because he likes hot (House of Tsang: Szechuan Spicy) and I like peanut (House of Tsang: Bangkok Padang Peanut Sauce)

    Now, before you think I’m some kind of wonder-woman in the kitchen, I also love grilled cheese with tomato soup when I’m short on time. Add deli meat to the sandwiches and thousand island spread for a fancier version.

    Other than frozen pizza, the occasional home made pizza, and recently Stouffer’s Frozen Lasagna (Alden goes absolutely crazy for this), that is the extent of our family meal rotation. Oh…and Chick File, Chipotle, and PeiWei for carryout.

  6. I made a wonderful spinach turkey lasagna the other day that I can give you the recipe for it when we do coffee (or before if you need it!), and I love this site – http://www.elise.com/recipes/. also http://www.cooks.com/ and http://www.recipezaar.com/ are both great for typing in ingredients you have on hand or want to eat and a list of recipes with that item in it will come up. hope that helps!

  7. I tired to convince some friends at one time to all make weekly menus and then exchange them with me so I could get some new ideas….it did not really work though. We pretty much eat the same things again and again…. My new idea is to convince 6 people to creat 1 meal in the quanitity for 6 families and then freeze then and exchnage. Then we would have only made one meal and gotten a weeks worth. It could work…kind of like a cookie exchange only you don’t feel guilty.

  8. Tam, you’re totally wonder woman.

    Robin, I would totally take you up on that if we were in the same place! Glad you’re blogging again…don’t stop this time!

    I’m so blessed to have friends who help me out. Keep em coming! I see the stats! I know you’re reading this!

  9. here’s the recipe page on my blog that i’m trying to build up: http://peachyperspective.wordpress.com/cook/

  10. http://thepioneerwomancooks.com/
    Like I needed another internet addiction. Can’t.stop.reading. We eat the same 8 things over and over, so Heather, I’m of no help to you.

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