She’s small but she’s quick!

Tay came home today from Kindergarten teaching us a new song…I heard them singing it this morning in the classroom while I was helping there for a bit. It goes something like, “My mommy is a baker, a baker, a baker, my mommy is a baker and she goes like this, yumm! yumm!” And on it goes through the family members into the animals, etc.

So, an hour after she was home from school, I had ordered the girls for the last time to clean the playroom or else say goodbye (temporarily of course) to what was left out. I say that pretty much every 3rd day of the week. Today I was prepared to totally call it though ’cause it was baaaaad. I only get mad because I know they can do a great job and it doesn’t take them very long, if they just do it!

So the girls are in there, actually making good progress, but Tay was being a bit bossy and having an attitude. I was just gonna let them work it out and then I hear Avery start singing the song…with her own words;

My sister is a whiner, a whiner, a whiner, My sister is a whiner and she goes just like this, wah wah

“Cut it out Avry”

My sister is a fusser, a fusser, a fusser, My sister is a fusser and she goes just like this, nasha-wa nasha-wa

“You’re hurting my feelings! Stop!”

They were sitting there on the floor cleaning up drawing supplies and Tay just stopped picking up as I walked in to lay eyes on what I was hearing (and internally, laughing at hysterically – aside from the hurt feelings bit)…as I did, Avry started in again….

My sister is a messer, a messer, a messer, My sister is a …at that point I gently urged her to stop. But man, that was funny…


~ by hthr on January 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “She’s small but she’s quick!”

  1. Hey! Just wanted to come over and let you know that Stephanie V passed away this morning. She is whole again.. praise Jesus! Also, please leave me a comment with your address again. For some reason, it didn’t save on my bloglines.

  2. I love this song. Have you heard the whole song? Dr. Jean is awesome! BTW-I teach Kindergarten. Your daughter seems to have already wrote her own version-lol. If you put this address in the main window, it will take you to a Word document with the lyrics and pictures to go along with it. I hope you enjoy!

  3. p.s. or just click on it~I just tested it out.

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