We were blessed with the generous gift of a Flat Panel HDTV for Christmas this year(!!), so yesterday was a big day at our house when the cable guy came out and installed new stuff for us to go along with our new & improved cable package.

After two months without any tv and bare bones channels beforehand, Avy was excited beyond words. It was hilarious to watch her. She kept looking out the front window and door waiting for the cable van to pull up. Finally (why always 30 minutes after the latest time given?) he was here and switching out the necessary components and cables.

He went out to his van for something and Avy came to me and said, “He went out to get the Nickelodeon and Hannah Montana channels! He’s gonna put them in for us!” Funny that she thinks ‘channels’ are something the cable guy inserted in the back of the tv. Which makes me think, maybe I can attempt to keep her in line by having some little gadgets around that I call channels that might have to be removed if needed?

This morning, I decided to set the new DVR to record some of our favorite shows while I drank my coffee. Avery came in, and curled up next to me, “Is that Hannah Montana?” I smiled, “Noooo….it’s The 700 Club.” “Oh … I like The 700 Club!” I crinkled my face and giggled. You better believe she’s happy to have a tv back in the house! We all are … I’m excited to be able to watch The Dave Ramsey Show on Fox Business now!!  


~ by hthr on January 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “HDTV-ified”

  1. We just watched Dave’s show the other night. Our tivo’s are bored and loney, there’s hardly anything new on with the strike 😦

  2. I’m jealous because Fox Business isn’t carried on Dish Network. You wouldn’t know anyone who could do anything about that would you?

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