If ever there was something I didn’t want to smell….

Today was the first day back to school. It’s also Monday…my day that I usually designate to do my heaviest portion of housework for the week. I had laundry going and was attacking the neverending task of putting things where they belong. Quite the challenge with the two little movers & shakers around here….

Out of the blue, as I rounded the corner to our bedroom, I got a whiff of something random and it nearly stopped me in my tracks. It was the moving smell. I don’t know how to explain it and it’s quite possible that this smell exists only in my head, but it was most definitely present one way or another. Since Brian & I met, 10 years ago next month, we have moved (single & married, into storage & out….) 13 times. Trust me, I know what moving smells like. I smelled it again – today. And heat and fear rose to my scalp.

I called our landlord after little delay to review our lease and his plans for the property. Yes, I was very nervous. (Last year when I made this call, hoping to confirm that we could renew, our (previous) landlord told us that they were wanting to sell the house, hence that move.) Anyhow…. we’re good. We’re stayin. We get to call this great lil’ place home for another year if we want. And that…makes me so happy. I wonder what in the world that smell was?


~ by hthr on January 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “If ever there was something I didn’t want to smell….”

  1. Maybe it is the mouse from the old house. You probable brought him over in one of your boxes.

  2. eww! no! Brian chased him into a trap reeeeally early one morning – a year ago 🙂 That was a funny night though…I totally thought you were messin with me!

  3. LOL Greg.

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