Santa Stories

This is Taylor ‘not believing’ the sweetest Santa ever at her Kindergarten Breakfast with Santa. She told me the real Santa wears glasses. I told her the glasses were for reading the naughty or nice list, which is probably the only reasonable thing I had to offer her! She’s totally skeptical as you can tell!


She had told me just a few days before this that she did not believe in Santa and I panicked, called another Kindergarten mommy friend who Taylor mentioned in the same conversation (“I’ll tell you a secret….Kailey doesn’t believe either. But her mommy can’t know she thinks Santa is a stranger in a suit. We can’t say anything“) We did our detective work to figure out what was going on and convince them otherwise…hopefully, we have a few more years of Santa fun with them….

I think Santa delivered at our house pretty well this year. Tay had asked Santa for a snow globe, but a few days before Christmas, working our way through the aisles at the Walplace she said, “Mommy, I think I made a big mistake.” I stopped turned around and got down to her eye level asking what was wrong. “Well, I asked Santa for a snow globe … but, I meant to ask him for a pink alarm clock, and now I don’t know what to do.” I heaved a sigh of relief inside….I knew I could fix this one.

“I don’t think we have time to get to the mall to ask him though Taylor” I told her.
“Do you think he can hear me?” her eyes looked so worried…
“Maybe if you make a wish he will know. You can try” I reassured her, knowing it would all have a happy ending….and it did…Santa not only brought her a snow globe but also an alarm clock, plugged in on her nightstand so she would see it when she woke up.

Her sister on the other hand would only ask Santa for a bike, “Red or purple”.
Bri would ask her, “What if he doesn’t have enough?”
But she was very confident, “he will.”

Every Santa she visited, she asked for a bike. I brought her to many Santa’s hoping for a different request to surface, but she consistently envisioned riding a bike through the house on Christmas morning. Bri & I on the other hand saw her as getting one for her birthday – when the weather would be nicer for bike riding … we didn’t budget for it, but 2 days before Christmas, we made some wiggle room and broke down and bought the bike. She woke up at 4am Christmas morning and found it, went to my mom & dad who were staying in the other room and told mom Santa had brought her her bike! Mom kept her quiet so everyone could sleep until about 6am when we heard her go running down the hall squealing with delight. It was better way to wake up!



~ by hthr on January 1, 2008.

One Response to “Santa Stories”

  1. now those are some girls who are persistant and have clear goals! 🙂 i got a pink and purple bike from santa one year, and yes, it was pretty awesome 🙂

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