hthr dub. fish-sitter.

When I was 5 or 6, I got an aquarium full of fish for Christmas. Day 2: the two big fish started eating each other. The call of the wild I guess. That is all of my experience with fish. Our friends Greg & Allyssa in Florida have some serious fish. A beautiful tank built into a wall with fishy playgrounds and special rocks and … they would never trust us with their fish.  

Sooo, a friend of mine was going out of town for Christmas and asked if I could feed their fish. Not just any fish, but fish that are two years old. You might call them pets. You should call them pets. In my mind, two years is a good long time for fish to be around. 

The thing is, I am not inclined to know what to do with animals. (A dog needs to go out, and I’m clueless as to how you know that. Is it time? How do you know he’s not just sitting by the door to look cute?  Your cat is grumpy? What?) So, when my friend asked me to feed the fish I thought, Sure, this will be okay. And hopefully they will still be alive at the end of it.

She stopped over and showed me the food. “Where does this go?” I asked her. 

Just in the tank.”

“You mean, I just drop it in? Anywhere, or, in a certain place…?”

Just in the top. Anywhere.”

“Oh, ok. And I do this everyday?”

Noooo. Here are the days you do it. I wrote it down for you.”

“So, I only need to feed them twice then? Not everyday?”

Just twice. And sprinkle a little food in the top to give em a little treat. It’ll make ’em happy. And if they die, don’t feel bad. They’re old. Just scoop em out and…”

“flush it?”

Yeah, just flush it if that happens.” 

Sounds easy, right? I am having visions of going into the house and finding a muddy grave from a fish having died and the water turning into a disgusting thick matter which then killed the rest of them. Then the kids will always remember their wonderful winter vacation and the friend with the spiky hair who killed their fish pets while they were gone. I’m nervous about this.

I may have to update this after the initial feeding. Cross your fingers for me that they are all smiling back at me and not doing the breastroke at the top of the tank!  

~ by hthr on December 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “hthr dub. fish-sitter.”

  1. So, have they gone to a watery grave yet? Something tragic happened to Nemo here the other night. Greg’s stupid crab ate him. I walked up on it. I’m forever scarred. I left Greg hate mail about it on the kitchen counter. That crab found a new home in the pond the next morning.

  2. Aww man, Nemo’s gone!? I always had a bad feeling about those crabs in there.

    I took my fish-sitter assistant BDub with me for backup and they were doing just great. I gave them a little treat like I was told and Brian gasped for breath and said I was only supposed to give them a few flakes and not make it rain fish food. I guess I was doing overtime with my southern hospitality toward them. So far so good….what a relief! Thanks for asking 🙂

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