Where did December go?

I have not disappeared, except into the crowds at the mall once or twice (I keep getting sucked back into that place!) I have lots of stuff to tell you and pictures to share and …. I am still not proficient in exporting them correctly. I have to at least tell you this before I get back to my umpteenth load of laundry today….  

In the car yesterday after church, Taylor asked us, “What’s Holy?”

Brian said under his breath to me, “I”ll let you take that one.”

“Hmmmmm….” I had no quick idea how to explain this to her.

Brian can’t stand the silence more than 15 seconds so he said, “It means from God”…”right?” he whispered to me.

Avery, who doesn’t miss a beat asked, “So, what’s holy cow?”


~ by hthr on December 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Where did December go?”

  1. avery gave you a great opportunity to tell her about harry carey and the chicago cubs. i can see that she’ll be a cubs fan the rest of her life!

  2. I am religious so I give the “of God” definition, (ie–holy ghost=spirit of god, holidays=days to remember God, etc) but my secular friends tell me they explain it by saying it means “special.” So holidays are “special” to some people (ie–July 4th to Americans, Christmas to Christians, etc)

  3. LOL at Avery’s question. They’re so cute!

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