Birthday Fun (or, if Skater A leaves one wall at 2:34:16 and Skater B leaves another at 2:34:23, approx when will they collide?)

A couple Sunday’s ago, our oldest got older. According to her she’s a year older. To us, it was just a day older, but one of the most important on our calendar. She turned 6!

Taylor asked for a special birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs and cheese. I was determined to not only rise to the occasion, but to be good at managing time also. So as I got everything out to do eggs, i decided to get the coffee started first and as I lifted my glass coffee jar, I literally ended up holding the lid in my hands as the bottom dropped off and crushed the eggs. Only at my house would this happen, and only on the day my daughter actually requested eggs! All I could do was scream and then laugh hysterically with my family about it. Pancakes, anyone?!


Last year on her birthday, we took our girls ice skating here in town at the indoor rink. Quite a few months ago (because lets face it, kids are always thinking of their next birthday) Taylor asked if we could go skating again this year. So we thought, why not with friends this time?

And thats just what we did! We had a party at the rink – pizza, cupcakes, hot chocolate and SKATING!! I know we Williams’ all had a blast! I had so much fun planning it and Taylor was so excited to have her friends with her on her big day. It was her first birthday party! I know she will remember it which makes it great. She had friends there she met through Kindergarten, Lampo, church, our neighborhood and ballet class. We are blessed to be so rich with sweet friends.

Here are some of my favorite pics.tbday1

Here’s Taylor taking it all in, and taking a little break from skating!tbday2

Avery, on the other hand….never stopped, except for a cup of hot chocolate and more cookies!


After nearly everyone had left, Taylor asked me to take her out and skate a little bit more before we had to leave. So she and I headed out on the ice. She wanted the security of the blue practice bars so she wouldn’t fall, but about 3 minutes into our skate around the rink, she decided she wanted to only hold my hand. I was a cool mom on the outside, but on the inside I was like, “Really? You want to skate with me?!”

So off we went, ever so slowly and carefully. Let me tell you, it is hard to stay up on skates when a 50 pound child paired with gravity is trying to pull you down to the cold slippery business beneath you. But we managed and laughed and kept on.

Once we got just past the curve, she told me, “Come over here” and pointed over to the side wall. “I want to tell you a secret” she said. She had me bend down and she cupped her hands around my ear. For a moment, down at her face level, breathing in the ice cold air in the room and hearing her little girl voice at a near whisper, tell me something I cannot tell you (in the interest of birthday girl secrets), I zoned out to feeling like a little girl again myself. And when she was done we skated off, my right ear warm from her whisper, my heart swollen because she wanted to hold my hand and skate with me and share a secret right there on the ice because it couldn’t wait another minute. “Is this the sweetness of being six?” I wondered. “Terrible twos never happened but the threes were rough. Maybe six is pretty wonderful … if it’s like this it will be.”

As we kept on, we talked about her party and her friends and what she thought about her big birthday. I knew that these moments would not be caught on camera, and it was okay. They were meant to be remembered in my heart. And as these sweet thoughts swirled around in my head and I soaked in the moments with my birthday girl, she lost her footing and yanked my ass down to the ice! She went one way, I went the other, and my ice skate … it gave her a haircut. A big tuft of golden hair lay by my skate. “Are you okay?” I asked her. I was totally waiting for the screaming and carrying on to start. But she didn’t. She looked at me, wide eyed with surprise and smiled big, “Yeah!” We laughed and struggled to stand up. She smacked my butt to get all the icy snow off. “Let’s go home. I think we’re done!”

Big thanks to Matt Britton who missed a chunk of the last Nascar race of the season to document Tay’s day in pictures!! (I’ll put some more pics up on this post soon…I’m experiencing a learning curve with something called Lightroom.)


~ by hthr on December 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Birthday Fun (or, if Skater A leaves one wall at 2:34:16 and Skater B leaves another at 2:34:23, approx when will they collide?)”

  1. i wish i had known about those blue practice bars when i’ve been ice skating. they would have come in handy b/c i suck at skating.

  2. […] I proceeded to spank her and now she’s spending the rest of her evening in her room, for sassing me en espanol. She informed me she intended to sleep in her nice outfit and wake up and have it wrinkled and sweaty. (What was it that I predicted again? That 6 would be a sweet age?) […]

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