O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree …

Every year, I look up against putting up the Christmas Tree. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it – I LOVE the Christmas tree – it’s the process of putting it up. Specifically the lights, because Brian gets mad when they don’t work and I get upset because putting up the tree is (in my mind) supposed to be a memorable family event that you look forward to all year. Singing and laughing and drinking and dancing and picking the kids up to put the ornaments on the top….uhhh….. it’s not any of that at our house.

This year is the 9th Christmas that Brian & I are together and every year without fail, we have had ‘lighting issues’. The first couple years it was cute. There are pictures of him lying under the tree, much like you might roll under a car to change the oil, checking the kajillion lights to find the culprit problem bulb. After a few years of that, you start to get a little irritated with the whole process.

The year we lived in Georgia, I bought a new prelit tree and surprised him when he came home. I’m pretty sure he had mixed emotions about the whole thing since it was only October, however he didn’t have to fuss with the lights, and he was more than happy about that.

The tree has evidently been ‘aging’ since its purchase and the lights have been a little touch & go for the past two years. Last year by the end of the Christmas season we were experiencing an ‘every other row’ syndrome that simulated a spiral tree.

That brings us to this year. Brian has been excited to put up the tree for days already, and I’ve been dragging my feet on doing it. I had all kinds of excuses; It makes a temporary but big mess. I don’t feeeeel like it. It’s not December yet (never thought he’d hear that one!). But, he was excited, and I don’t know how to say no to that. So….down came our Christmas boxes and into the living room in all their dustiness … and out came the tree and 1, 2, 3 easy steps to plug it in and ta-da!


And then a flicker. And about 20 lights came on in a small section in the back. We just stared at it. “I’ll call the tree company. I’m sure I remember that it had a warranty.” I took this picture of Brian contemplating what to do while I was on phone with them. It was the kind of thing that makes you sick, but all you can do is laugh. Well, sort of. Maybe next year, I mean. (I wish I could put bubble thoughts above this pic!)


So there was no warranty help to be found and Brian began to “de-lite” the was-once-but-is-no-longer-lit tree. It took all of 7 hours to get the lights off. No joke. A machine must wire those trees. He never once grouched about it though he had plenty of reason to. I on the other hand, could hardly stand it. I left the house twice to get fastfood and was gone more than an hour each time.

At least our kids can entertain themselves in a box for a few hours.


Well we re-lit the tree with our own strings of lights once Brian had unclipped and unwound the other 700 from every third branch of the tree. Ultimately, it took nearly 12 hours to put up our Christmas tree. A 2-hour job. Pretty ridiculous, but done. And I love it. And my husband is a good sport. The best.

This one is totally staying up til March.

~ by hthr on November 25, 2007.

4 Responses to “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree …”

  1. Okay – I’m dying laughing at this. Tonight is our “tree night” and we go through the same thing you do each year. However, this year I bit the bullet and bought a new one!!! I was dreading the thought of dragging that big ole box out and fighting with the “easy” pre-lit wiring system. I opted for a “skinny tree” instead of my old monster one. Blake will be shocked when he comes home and its already up! However, the ribbons and ornaments HAVE to be a family affair. Can’t wait!!

  2. hahahaha…oh man! My husband and I just laughed so hard we were in tears. The picture of your hubby and the 4 pre-lit lights, haha priceless. If you only knew how hard we both just laughed lol…we can relate, totally, utterly, you poor things haha. Merry Christmas, you guys are hilarious and so adorable!


  3. oh my! now I understand… 🙂

  4. […] year and layering on the memories of Christmas’ past. (and day-after-Christmas-sale past). Despite the drama surrounding the lights of this little tree, it is staying well lit this […]

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