Ohhhhh, the irony of it all.

Monday night we had a big storm with tons of lightning and ‘breaking news’ on the tv so we could see the radar and know what was coming. It passed pretty quickly and we got on with the evening. I was blogging while dinner was simmering on the stovetop and I failed to hit publish when I was done. Instead I closed the laptop and finished getting supper pulled together, thinking I would proof it quick afterwards.

While Bri & I were doing the dishes, Taylor was getting books together by Brian’s desk in the next room. He told me he was really looking forward to watching Heroes that night. A flash and bang (not a pop – a BANG) shot through the house and I screamed. Bri & I immediately looked to Taylor since it came from her direction and she stood there, bless her heart, bent over and crouched down as if she were about to pee her pants. She didn’t – but she was definitely scared and that was her default posture.

Anyhow, Brian & I was pretty freaked and couldn’t figure out what happened, although we were pretty sure it was lightning, we just didn’t know where it had snapped. Brian soon realized it had come in through the cable and killed the tv. And the cable modem. I guess the few hours I’d had it back were just a big tease.

I had a hard time believing Brian when he said “the tv is dead”. Over the next hour, all I did was ask questions like,

“So, we can watch TiVo’d shows, just … not live tv?”

“So … it will come on after 5 minutes or so?”
“No. See? No power. The tivo and receiver are on. The tv is dead.”

“But it will come on when the cable comes back up?”
“no babe. the tv doesn’t turn on.”

“So I will never see a picture on our tv again? Is that what you’re telling me?”
“It was a good tv.”

It started to set in when he didn’t make any effort to fix it after the girls went to bed. I started laughing, “I guess we know where the Christmas Tree is gonna go!” Brian didn’t find it funny in the least. It was very quiet.

“Wanna play a board game?”
“Nah. Lets go to bed.”

And that was it. So the next morning we woke up feeling well-rested and at 7am, I was looking around asking why we were so far ahead of schedule for the morning.

Oh yeah, no tv.

As I approached the playroom, I saw my girls were sitting in there, singing and cutting construction paper, creating masterpieces no less, the remains of which I would clean up a couple hours later. Either that or else sacrifice my vacuum to the cause. (You cannot believe how many little paper snips can be created from two preschool size scissors and their operators in a 20 minute time frame!)

Before the cable got hit, I heard the weatherman say there were close to 700 lightning strikes in our county at that time, so I don’t think we were specially chosen by God to lose our cable, internet, and phone. But I will say this; these things are wonderful to have in life, I mean they’re pretty basic these days, but they can be distracting too. So, I’m kind of okay with not having one right now. We have flirted with the idea of doing away with (the tv) before. Please don’t offer to let us borrow your extra tv or tell Brian where the good deals are for buying one. We’re good. Really. We need this. This not-so-optional sense of quiet at our place. We’ve needed it, or at least I have. And now I can call it mine.

Well, I say that now. Its only been 18 hours, 11 of which were spent sleeping. But, if I can retrieve my previous unsaved blog, you will probably laugh at me and agree that I do not need all the extra distractions.

On the other hand, if Brian is knocking on your door begging to watch LOST or Heroes with you on your tv, please let him in so he doesn’t cry. I think it is a legitimate need of his.

Scratch that. I think he’s watching it on his phone right now. If he shows up at your door craving television, please just send him home.

~ by hthr on November 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Ohhhhh, the irony of it all.”

  1. Hilarious! And to set any speculation aside, yes I was watching Spiderman 3 on my phone while you were typing. 🙂 You’ve hit a home run with this post, great job!

    Just to set the record straight though, we’re not going completely media free, we’ve still got netflix that we can watch on a computer. So we won’t be completely out of the loop, but definitely behind the times… By the way, anyone have any good book recommendations?

  2. Most everything you can watch on tv today, can be seen online. Once you get your wireless back you will be able to watch it on your mac. Just put that big 24″ imac in your entertainment center.

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