My Halloween Sweeties

We had the best halloween yet with this years chef and cheerleader. Tay was in a costume parade at her school and then we headed off to Brian’s office to trick-or-treat from desk to desk with our Lampo family. Taylor became shy for whatever reason and Avery who had a host of cheers prepared chickened out when she got there. Go figure.

Brian took them out in the neighborhood and he went from saying “call me in 30 minutes so we know to come home” to “this neighborhood rocks!” … uh … over an hour later!

After Brian tucked the girls into bed he walked out, grabbed some candy and plunked down on the couch. Avery must have heard the wrapper because she came out and wanted to know what he was doing and what bucket the candy came from. I just pointed at him, “Busted!!”

Wow. Theres no fury like that of a cheerleader whose cheer was interrupted.

Mmmm! Breakfast!


~ by hthr on November 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “My Halloween Sweeties”

  1. wow, they got the GOOD candy! forget the off brands!

  2. […] The Candy Proof that the economy is in the hole right now: crappy Halloween candy. I looked back at last years post to refresh my memory on what was going on (wow, my kids have grown!) and saw all their loot. It was […]

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