Crossing over to the tech side.

I love technology. Especially audio video stuff. Brian told me the othe other day, “If you ever go back to work…I’m just sayin’…if you ever do…go back into audio/video.”

When Brian & I were engaged and first married I worked for a manufacturers rep for over 15 high end custom audio/video lines. We rep’d the lines to all custom dealers in the state of Florida. If they wanted the stuff, they went through us. It was a big job – there were only two of us who did all the ordering. It was a blast! The day flew by and I loved it for the most part.

It was nice to not feel intimidated by the sales people in an electronics store. I loved to see the look on their faces from time to time to see that a 20yr old girl knew her stuff. Of course, the retail prices really made me sick! In 2002 Brian and I had a big fight (I guess you know how often we fight since i know the year) over the purchase of a DVD Recorder and what it cost! I knew it was about $500 over-priced. (It’s in our garage somewhere if you want to see it. No kidding.)

I really did appreciate the knowledge I had – of course, as with most things, if you don’t keep up, you’ll end up completely out of the loop before too long, which is what happened. We moved to Sarasota about 6 months after getting married (cutest little place and we could see the water from our front drive!) and naturally, my job changed. When you’re not in the industry everyday, you fade pretty fast. I did anyway.

We’ve got different components now than we did back then, I can barely tell you where the audio in/out is on our reciever. And it makes me sad in the “I wish I’d kept up” kind of way so I still had a knowledge set that I could get into and be challenged to keep up with as it evolved. Of course, I could just pick up a Sound&Vision or HomeTheater magazine and get with it.

I recently inherited Brian’s treo (welcome back to the blogosphere btw) and he wants me to keep my calendar, list of things to do, contacts and basically my life on this little phone. And i just can’t get into it yet. It’s very cool and all, but I am a paper trail girl. I make lists. I have files. I keep things simply because I might need to refer back to them later (part of that is my artsy side at fault. great [as in big, nasty] fault.)

I am giving the treo my life-organizing attention though. I can now sync it with my laptop, set timers and alarms and I’m working with the lists feature. I was in C*stco the other day and was holding the treo while I pushed my (very heavy) cart and tried my best to avoid the children who found it hilarious to dart in front of me – oh, and deleting items from my e-list as I took them off the shelf and then I’d look at something and the screen would go dark and I have to (push-push again) to get my list back to see where I was going to next and then the phone rings (Kanye West ringtone in case you’re wondering) and I talk while I walk, but obviously don’t see my list so I miss stuff and have to go back after ending the phone call. You get the drift. It was much more complicated than paper in my hand. But, I’m giving it a month, which is a full-on challenge for this ledger-paper-toting-girl.

Meanwhile, I’m going shopping for a smaller purse! That right there might be reason enough to hang with the treo. We’ll see.


~ by hthr on October 23, 2007.

One Response to “Crossing over to the tech side.”

  1. Girl – me too! I LOVE LISTS! But I still work out of the old fashioned paper calendar & notepad – wouldn’t have it any other way. But to each is own – Good Luck! Missed you this morning btw!

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