The circus tent in my kitchen.

We aren’t real big fans of eating pork, but I found a recipe that sounded so good I couldn’t resist. Last night we made an onion crusted pork roast with peach chutney that tasted wonderful. Makes me think fall is coming….and according to the weatherman, it will this Thursday!!

peach pork

We have an incredibly challenging time getting our younger daughter to eat her dinner (breakfast & lunch too for that matter). It takes her so long and it can be so frustrating that I am embarrassed to say it but I often end up leaving the table. I am not exaggerating to say there are times that we are done eating and she has only taken one bite. She is one of the most loving, cuddly giggly kids I know, but wears this other little personality on her sleeve at the table. So far, she hasn’t stored any in her cheeks like I hear stories of my step-sister doing when she was little. She’ll just sit there and move it around her plate. Sing. Whistle. Play games with her feet. Count. I don’t know what all else she does but it gets to be a bit much sometimes. In my mind, even the most patient of people would become frustrated with the whole process. Somehow though, i don’t think we’re alone in this circus called mealtime.

But this dinner – she ate. Plate was clean. Perhaps because Brian threatened to remove “chicken nuggets and fries” from her vocabulary. Cooler weather inspires me to try new things and get the oven going more often than I do during the summer months.

I’ve all but abandoned our food blog, but look for some kitchen highlights here. After kids, food is next in line of things I love to photograph.


~ by hthr on October 8, 2007.

One Response to “The circus tent in my kitchen.”

  1. That looks so yummy! I came across a blog that you might like to look at since you like to photograph food 🙂 This woman takes pictures of everything she bakes and some of the pictures are very cool!

    Hope all is well!

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