2 and 2 make … uh oh

Tonight, my girls and I were having a chicken nugget picnic on the front lawn. Taylor took a bite and then, the question I knew would one day be asked, was.

“How do they get these … you know … like … this?”

I didn’t know how to explain the process without possibly ruining dinner. So I stalled, “Whad’ya mean?”

“The chickens. Like this … do they … bake em or something?”

I chewed my food a little slower while I was thinking. I decided to go easy on the details. Or just not give any at all. I could have said when they go to sleep something something but then she might not want to go to bed tonight. If you have kids, you probably follow this logic. So I just said, “Oh yeah, and fry them.”

Why? Why did I say that? I wanted to take it back when she asked with that little girl look in her eyes, “Does it hurt them?” Arrgh! Of course I answered No.

I have got to be better prepared for these questions! I wonder if there’s a “Kids Questions for Dummies” book. They have every other topic. I need some quick answers or she’ll be on to me. Its a whole new world when your child associates their dinner with the animals at the farm. We may not have hamburgers for lunch tomorrow after all…

~ by hthr on October 5, 2007.

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