Pumpkin pickin and other fall fun!

Before the week is over, I wanted to show you some pics from our first time out to Gentry*s F@rm this past week. Brian had been gone a lot of last week, so we planned some special time with the girls his first day back. The first thing we did when we got to the farm was head into the corn maze. Neither Brian or myself had ever been in one. The corn stalks were a lot shorter than other mazes I’d seen – perfect for the kids. I hate to say it, but we got lost in there! Here are Brian and Taylor discussing which way to go.
I think the girls ultimately found the way out. Which was actually the way we … went in.

We also went on a hayride around the farm (sans hay which Brian was thrilled about!), checked out the goats, and flew through the air on a tire swing. The grounds at the farm are really beautiful – it’s a great place to go to take pictures. The barns have so much character and there are opportunities everywhere for the camera. I think I’ll go back and try to get some of our family. Speaking of which, here’s my handsome hubby too.

After the tour de Gentry, we picked pumpkins from the field. It was so much fun….I’d never been in a pumpkin patch before and was surprised at how big the leaves are!

The pumpkins were rather hidden under there! But every so often, we’d see bright orange peeking through. We found a few great ones that ended up on our doorstep, and are waiting to be decorated. Welcome fall!!



~ by hthr on October 4, 2007.

One Response to “Pumpkin pickin and other fall fun!”

  1. LOVE the pic of the girls on the truck – that’s a GREAT picture! And that’s a great picture of Brian too!

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