I ate it for the protein.

So, knowing we were not cooking tonight and trying to avoid having dinner passed to us through a window, we headed over to Outback for a healthy dinner. Right.

Somewhere between lets have steak, veggies and salad, we threw in some Cheese Fries too. So tonight out of curiosity I thought to check out the Calorie King website. For the fries.

You ready? (I know, you can see it, its not like a scrolling email or anything)

2900 calories
182g fat
240g carbs
75g protein

The site calculates it would take 798 minutes of walking to burn the calories. Of course, that’s if you ate the whole thing yourself, but even so – I don’t have 300 minutes to walk it off!! I barely have 5 minutes of peace & quiet to take a shower and not be interrupted!

Brian is going to the gym in the morning. And myself? Well, I’m just vowing not to let my family eat like that again. Knowingly at least.


~ by hthr on October 1, 2007.

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