Ignorance is Bliss. For a while anyway.

I was googling around this evening to find some kind of info on the Arbys Orange Creme Shake that I had with dinner tonight (yes, still craving citrus like a mad woman). I was convinced that the “Creme” part of the shake, which was a drizzled line of something white in the side of the cup was actually icing from the turnovers. That’s what I was actually googling. Unscientific proof that I am not alone in wondering what that was. Anyhow….

I came to this website called Calorie King. And as if Super Size Me wasn’t bad enough (in a positive way, of course) now I think I’m ruined forever from eating fast food.

I didn’t have a stomach ache until I was made aware of what I’d just consumed:
2 Regular Roast Beef Sandwiches: 953mg Sodium EACH
1 Orange Cream Shake: 423mg Sodium
1 order Curly Fries: 790mg Sodium

I’m expecting I’ll be thirsty in about 2 hours. And I’ll probably just want to stay out of the drive thru’s for a while. A really looong while.

Edited to add: 10:30pm. I can. not. get. enough water.


~ by hthr on September 29, 2007.

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