When the tooth fairy comes to town, she’s loaded.

Tonight as I was helping Taylor get ready for bed, I sat on the floor and asked her a little about her day. She was chatting away and then said, “Oh, oh!! Madison’s tooth came out and the tooth fairy brought her fifty bucks!”

I looked at her. “Uhh. Fifty bucks?”

“Fifty.” Her eyes opened wide and she bent toward me “Fifty bucks!”

“Wow.” I sat there a sec. “That’s a lot of money for a tooth. Are you sure it wasn’t five?”

“No mom. Fifty bucks … I know!!” as if she could comprehend that much cash for a tooth.

“Sounds like a nice tooth fairy. I’m sorry we’re not on her circuit.” She laughed at me. I think she thought I was kidding.

Evidently, it’s about time for us to embark on the voyage of the tooth fairy. Can anyone share some ideas they use or memories from when they were a kid as to what their fairy did for them?


~ by hthr on September 25, 2007.

4 Responses to “When the tooth fairy comes to town, she’s loaded.”

  1. Um, fifty bucks. As in a 5 followed by 0 with a $ in front of it? When I was a kid we got money under our pillow over night. It was fifty alright. Fifty CENTS! I refuse to conform to today’s nonsense of gifting children ridiculous amounts of money for losing teeth. I just won’t do it.

  2. Wow, how’s that for timing?

  3. OK A) that’s what I’m afraid about raising my child in Williamson County – RIDICULOUS! B) I can remember how loaded I felt when the tooth fairy left me one dollar under my pillow then “accidentally” dropped another beside my bed. Whoa Nelly was I high-cotton!

  4. I talked to “the” tooth fairy yesterday. She didn’t drop 50. I wonder if Tay is reading my celebrity gossip feeds before I do? Regardless, I can’t believe my child’s teeth are going to start falling out soon!! We worked so hard to stay pain-free and happy while they came in – all twenty of them – and now they’re going to fall out? Already?

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