A weekend to remember

It has been a busy couple weeks. My parents are here visiting and house-hunting. They stayed with our girls this past weekend while Brian and I snuck off to Atlanta for 3 nights to celebrate with our friend Rick who got married on Sunday.

Friday night we got in town around 10:30 or so and knew we were headed right back out. Being the ‘old married woman’ that I am, I became more puzzled than amused at how people behave (or don’t behave!) out ‘after hours’. I felt like I needed to have “Mom” tattoo-ed on me someplace visible so guys would stop brushing against me too. I guess rings are too much trouble to look for? Oh well, we had a great time and I got a good deal of people watching in on my clock too. I think we crashed into bed around 230 or 3am.

Alissa, the soon-to-be wife of our friend Rick, had invited me to come out with her and her bridesmaids the next day, so we were up and out early while the guys went golfing. That evening was the rehearsal and dinner, and let me tell you, next time I go to Atlanta (next month, if we stick with the plan) we will be going back to South City Kitchen. I haven’t blogged about food in a while, but this place had a menu I could barely decide on because it all sounded incredible! And it was! We sat out on a patio all evening and enjoyed great food in the company of Rick & Alissa’s closest friends & family.


I guess I should follow up on my dress. When I posted last, I was incredibly distressed about my dress not fitting – the alterations lady re-did the dress that night and then it was … a bit big. However, I did somehow manage to keep it up where it belonged for the duration of the wedding and reception. We left a little before the reception ended…my lungs hurt terribly as I was keeping them partially expanded to hold up the body of the dress. Craaaazy!! Another nonessential thing to post here…I (re)pierced my ears last week so I could wear earrings for the wedding (I haven’t worn them in 5 years). But I decided in the rear-view mirror on the way to the wedding that I really prefer myself without them. So I took them out.

The wedding was Sunday late afternoon at a historic Log Cabin church. The setting was quaint and intimate, and thankfully, the weather was perfect. I hadn’t seen my husband in a tux in eight years. He looked amazing (although my camera was acting up again, so all I have is a bunch of blurry pictures! Arrgh!)

We headed back to the hotel for the reception which was just wonderful. Rick and Alissa and their families put so many special touches on the whole weekend. I’m not sure if I could even name a favorite thing about it. It just was. Weddings can bring out the best or worst in people from time to time and I could not feel a tinge of anything but great excitement, happiness, support and warmth from everyone who was there. I was around a lot of people and never once heard a tone of voice that dropped or turned sour. Seriously. And I’m sensitive to that sort of thing in a hyper sort of way. Everyone was just thrilled for them.

But more later. I’ve clutched quite a few Venti Starbucks drinks the past few days, but I’m absolutely exhausted. I now know I can’t hang with the club kids like I used to. And I need to be sure and leave some things for BDubs to blog about too.

Congratulations Rick & Alissa!! Please ignore any text messages Brian is likely to send while you lay on the beach in Hawaii the next couple weeks!


~ by hthr on September 4, 2007.

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