Forgive me Father, for I have eaten entirely too much

I am fit to be tied. Actually, its more like I am just not fitting.

Last summer I fell in love with a dress. It didn’t fit, but I decided I could have it altered to fit just right when I was ready for it. Two weeks ago I took it in to an alterations store and 10 minutes later the dress was all pinned up and I was excited to have it made to fit just right. I wanted it to fit so well on top that my nightmare of it falling down to my waist while I danced the night away would never become actual reality.

I must have lost my mind last week, because somewhere between the day of the fitting and 3 days ago, I decided to eat a half gallon of ice cream and half a pan of cream-cheese-strudel. (Don’t know what strudel is? If you like cream cheese, sugar & cinnamon, then you can just call it a dream come true on a fork.) And last night, as I was getting ready for bed it dawned on me…that dress isn’t going to fit.

The dress is for me to wear to a wedding this weekend. Today I went in to pick it up and when I tried it on, my fears became real. I couldn’t zip it. Not only would it not zip, it wouldn’t even meet in the back. I asked the sweet woman to help me. Literally, the breath was sucked out of my lungs when she zipped it. I knew if I exhaled the dress would rip. I could. not. breathe. I waited for her to make a suggestion of what to do while we stared at it in the mirror I took short shallow breaths. I love this dress, but all fun aside, I have to be able to breathe in it!

Part of the problem is the miscommunication between myself and the extra couple pounds I’ve taken on. They didn’t disperse themselves to the area I told them to go to. But then, who listens to me anyway? I don’t think my rib cage grew overnight either, so I’m going to assume she sewed next to the pins and it just ended up being a bit too much.

I’m going back in tomorrow to try again since she was going to do it over for me. I’m trying real hard not to worry. My mom told me to say a prayer for her while she works on it. Which was and is a sweet thought. Of course, it only makes me wonder, “Does God really care about my dress?” which leads to a whole other post in the not too far future, only because I tend to think….no. But he does care for the woman working on my dress. And He knows how panic prone I am.

Speaking of which, who’da known “anxiety and gas” would become the search that brought the largest number of people to my blog? Not only do I now think it’s a problem, but it peaked my interest and I started researching it myself. Now, don’t take medical advice from me since I dry heave at the sight of blood, but I’ve found it suggested that gas often puts pressure on your heart, resulting in nervousness and anxiety and the tightness in your chest.

I’ll tell you what though, that does not compare to the tightness in my chest today zipped up in that dress. Whew! Stay tuned.


~ by hthr on August 28, 2007.

One Response to “Forgive me Father, for I have eaten entirely too much”

  1. Your mjom is in town, right? I ALWAYS gain weight when my mom comes to town or when I visit her. I eat way too much – social eating, I think they call it. Before my mom came into town I was so proud of myself for getting within two pounds of my ideal weight. It’s never fun taking off baby weight, huh? After leaving my parents house three weeks later, I found myself with at least 7 extra pounds. Can’t call that baby-weight!

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