Kindergarten. A mystery all it’s own.

I’m sure you’re expecting the play by play for Taylors first full day of Kindergarten.

I got nothin’.

Well, pretty much nothing. She’s all tight lipped about school for the most part. It’s all a secret evidently, which, I was semi-prepared for. They say not to drill them for info, so we drove home pretty much in silence aside from Avery giving the details of our day, while I bit my lip to keep my mouth shut. How do you not ask questions?? I was excited. I wanted to know!

It was a great day. No tears. I was thrilled to see I wasn’t the only mom dropping her kid off who wasn’t in a hurry to leave, although I did rather quickly, just as I had rehearsed in my mind. Graceful exit, don’t look back a second time. It was funny really, all this emotional build up and mental ‘here’s how it’s gonna go’ and it doesn’t even take 2 minutes and you’re outta there. I didn’t get but one picture – can you believe it!? Me either. I was nervous I guess.

The clock seemed to tick a lot slower than usual today. I was excited to go pick her up. When she saw us drive in, she was waving at us before we even got out of the car. When her teacher brought her over, she sprinted toward me. It was the best and she threw her little arms around me as tight as she could. I couldn’t have had a sweeter greeting. I missed her. Avery missed her. Oh my, did Avery ever miss her!

I was so glad Brian took the day off to be with me & Avery. He had been gone for a long weekend back near our old home in Florida with a bunch of friends, so it was good to relax a bit and do a few things around the house together. Here are some pics from our cupcake snack after school. Hopefully tomorrow she’ll volunteer a few more details about life in Kindergarten. I can’t wait!


~ by hthr on August 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “Kindergarten. A mystery all it’s own.”

  1. Heather, I love to see that you dress your little girls like little ladies! They always look so innocent and sweet – as little girls should. Koudos, mom!

  2. Great post, however, it absolutely makes me sick in my stomach to read it and think of my baby girl going to school for the first time.

  3. Dude Chris, let me tell you, this has been no walk in the park. But to see how excited she has been, and how much she’s taking away from it already TOTALLY makes up for it!

  4. Thanks for the help on my blog tonight. I could really use one of those cupcakes right about now!

  5. Reading this makes me choke up a little, just seeing the picture, and knowing that is going to be my little girl next year. I thought it was bad 2 weeks ago, we had the 1st day of Pre-School. At least I have a whole other year to prepare!

  6. […] little girl is in first grade! Remember when she went to Kindergarten? Oh! It was like … yesterday! Except, it was a year […]

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