Well now, isn’t that just precious.

My children are artists. They draw all day long. Our oldest daughter gives pictures to people all the time. Usually her best work gets given away, so I’ve started taking pictures of it before it flies out the door and I never see it again.

Check out this precious snail as well as the barn picture she drew this week. (notice the attention to detail with the barn window with hay inside and the angle of the shutters.) How sweet is this? Come on! I didn’t coach her on any of it. She walked up to me and that is what she presented! The snail is just plain cute, but the barn blew my socks off.
snail art

Now lets discuss the artwork of our younger aspiring picasso. Avery. She is in a minimalist stage right now of drawing. Where less is more. At least, I thought so anyway. This is her drawing from the other day: four faces. She was drawing facial expressions. top to bottom swerving to the left are, happy, sad, and mad. See how the mad mouth is wide open? Now as for the face a little out there to the right, that is “frustrated”. She asked me to show her what frustrated looked like. (You didn’t know I was face model did you? Yeah, read on my friend.) She had her blue crayon all in a tight grip and she looked at me and looked at the paper, and looked at me and looked at the paper and then announced, “Here is what frustrated looks like.”

Her older sister, always ready to inspect her work (her teeth, her plate, her room, and even her panties for crying out loud…you get the idea of all the firstborn has in her job description) informed her ever-so-gently that she “had missed something important about mommy’s face. The lines on the side. And above her eyes. And here…” as she pointed right at the space beside my nose and mouth.

I just sat there, taking it. Half laughing, half thinking “what the?” and desperately wanting to run to the bathroom mirror to re-enact my ‘frustrated’ face for an audience of one only. But I sat still. It was a teaching moment for Avery after all. And then she took the crayon back to the paper after studying my face and added in the creases that Taylor had so kindly pointed out to her. And that my friends, is self control. Whoever said “less is more” was absolutely right.


~ by hthr on August 17, 2007.

One Response to “Well now, isn’t that just precious.

  1. There are so many reasons why your girls are amazing! Their artistic ability is definitely one that I can attest to…I’m looking at my very own Taylor Williams original (thumb-tacked to my cube) as we speak!

    Love you all…deeply!

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