So thats what the sunrise looks like!

Yes – I was actually up before dawn. A miracle.

And showered & dressed before 7am. Amazing.

Taylor going to kindergarten may be one of the best things that happened to our household. Of course, today was just my practice run. Rather successful though, I’d say. Tomorrow is the semi-real deal when she goes for her half-day of school and only with about 5 of her classmates. They do a small group kind of thing with them before the big blast next Monday. And then, the rest of their school-aged lives, however long they opt for that to occur.

Brian asked me on IM if “it felt good to get up early”. If he’d been in front of me when he asked that, I probably would have kicked him. But it did feel fine. Ok, good. Let’s not stretch it and say great. There was a bit of novelty to it.

Of course, after all this hype, Tay informed me this afternoon that “Daddy said he could take me to school and you could pick me up.”

Hmmm. “I thought I would bring you and pick you up.”

“Nah. I want daddy to.”

Seriously. I’ve been stressing about getting my morning going before the rooster crows and now you dont even want me to drive you to school? So, you mean, I dont need my third cup of coffee and a dab of lipgloss before 8am? Really?? I don’t know….I’m kinda excited about it now….


~ by hthr on August 13, 2007.

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