Tales from the Toy Store

I was shopping with my girls today at The Factory in a sweet little store called Little Cottage Toys. They have a lot of cool things that you aren’t as likely to find at Toys-R-U$. Anyway, I was ready to approach the check out when a lady and her four children popped up there first. No big deal. The older daughter (somewhere around 8-10 years old I think) was making a purchase and had a purse FULL of change. The mother asked the store owner, “Is it okay for her to pay with change?”

She told her, “You should see all the change I have sorted back here. A little boy just came in and paid for his toy with all coins. It’s all the same!” So sweet….

The little girl peeked over the counter to see the coin change and then proceeded to place the contents of her purse – a one dollar bill and $9.83 in change. Most of which were pennies and nickels.

I was so proud of this child – she had obviously saved her money to buy whatever toy she had been eye’ing for however long. ‘Taking care of business’ took a little longer than I’d thought – probably 10 minutes while she counted change and sorted it right there. But what a great lesson that little girl has learned. I hope she loves that toy!

The store owner was somewhat apologetic as she pulled change off the counter after the girl and her family left. I thought it was just wonderful though and it didn’t bother me a bit. I’m sure that little girl worked a long time for all those nickels and pennies. She proceeded to tell me that she has been seeing so many kids using their own money to make purchases and the mom’s tell her their houses are cleaner, the toys are picked up and they’re taking better care of their things….Makes perfect sense to me!


~ by hthr on August 7, 2007.

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