Hey! I know those kids!

This weekend I went to a baby shower celebrating my friend Jen who is due with her second baby boy next month. At the shower, everyone was invited to create a scrapbook page for the baby’s album. I thought it was an incredibly sweet idea. Intimidating. But sweet. I had never done a scrapbook layout before and I was happy to find out that I wasn’t the only one who was new to the scrapping world.

Jen’s sisterinlaw who hosted the shower had many of her own albums and some scrapbooking idea magazines out to spur on our creative juices. I was looking through the albums and then the magazines, when a particular picture on a professional layout caught my eye. I was studying the detail of the page and looked at the picture again. 3 sweet faces in black & white. 3 familiar faces. The name of the designer – my very own friend, Mandy DiVita-Kerns! Immediately I flipped to the cover. Sure enough, it was Scrapbook Answers, a design magazine that she was a contributor for until it ended production last fall. I was so excited! What a fun moment and inside, I was so proud of my friend Mandy. This girl puts an incredible amount of love into each of her albums. They are truly works of art.

This is her & I when she came to visit earlier this year.
hthr & mandy divita kerns

Mandy and I met five years ago when we were in a MOPS group together at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. The following year our family moved back to Florida, but that didn’t interrupt our friendship because her parents live the next town south of where we did. When they would come visit her parents, we would always get together to catch up.

On one particular visit while we were at dinner, I briefly told her that we had changed our credit card swipin’ ways while going through Financial Peace University. I’m sure she believed me, but I don’t think it sunk in until I pulled out my envelopes and used cash to pay for the meal. She grabbed my hand and basically said, “tell me everything.” A couple months later, she & her husband were leading an FPU class of over 50 families at their own church. How awesome is that?

So after the baby shower and a couple conversations this weekend leading to “what do you do with all your pictures?” I’ve been looking through my photo archives on cd and trying to figure out where and how to start. Some pictures made me laugh. Some i had forgotten about completely while others made me cry, missing those baby days that feel so long-gone. And then my girls came and crawled up in my lap and boy, did they ever love looking at the pictures. And then, I knew I would have to put them into books somehow so we could enjoy them all together. Mandy will be proud.

~ by hthr on August 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Hey! I know those kids!”

  1. Since you have most of your pics on a CD…you should try digital scrapbooking. My friend Amy used to do paper scrapbooking and now all she does is digiscrapping. She creates the pages and is saving them and one day she can have them all printed in a book. It’s very cool the things you can do. She has a few pages on a blog at http://amyscraps.blogspot.com/. If you want to look and get some ideas…

  2. I will be waiting for a call for all of you custom cuts. Since you know the owner you should get a really good deal. lazerinvizion.com

  3. Hey Heather!
    What a cool story about the party & scrap booking moment when you saw my kiddos in Scrapbook Answers!!!! You are sooooo talented and I have no doubt that you would fall in love with this hobby! I do piddle with the digital pages sometime but I like the hands on gluing and cutting aspect of it.. but i can totally see you doing digital!

    It does bring tears to my eyes just about each time the kids sit and look at their books. They get so excited and now that they all can read it is even better as they read the journaling themselves and just giggle like crazy! Yes, it is hard to keep up with my own albums when working on albums for other people but that work is so rewarding because I know I am helping to preserve precious memories for other families and that makes me feel good!

    I don’t have any spare time to be submitting to mags or trying out for other design teams… God is keeping me close to home with family commitments and things with church and I am blessed but hope to try to get on another team in the future!

    Heather you are the best and I am so blessed by our friendship. Visits are too infrequent but you are always close to my heart!

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