Marco Polo

I enjoy checking my wordpress dashboard to see just how people end up at my blog. Today, i saw one that made me laugh out loud because I loved it – and it was confirmation that I am not alone and someone out there is actually googling it, thinking, “is this normal?”

The search: craving Christmas and pregnant.

I love it that other people are craving Christmas just like me! Completely normal! I knew it!

Other searches that bring people in – everyday I see it for “Martha Stewart”. Many times a week I find them for “Do you tip at Sonic”and “Oprahs favorite things”

What do people search on to end up at your blog?


~ by hthr on August 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Marco Polo”

  1. they are craving christmas like you are… are you pregnant like they are? 😉

  2. oh, and recently i’ve been getting quite a bit of hits from searches about “the amazing race”

  3. No dice.

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