I wonder.

There is a gorgeous full yellow moon outside my window right now. It keeps rising to the right and I’m having to scrunch down to see it every few minutes. There’s something about having the moon outside my window. It’s one of my favorite ‘things’ if you can call it a thing.

Brian had an awesome weekend in Jacksonville Florida working on the New Seed of Sudan documentary with the team. I assume he’ll blog about it. If we can get him blogging again.

The past few days have been pretty full for me. My (step) brother Rob and his family were here overnight last Thursday and we had a great visit. They were on their way home to Minnesota from visiting our family in Florida. Their two boys are so big. I remember them as toddlers, and now they’re …. tall … and they know all about stuff I’ve never heard of! The girls loved playing with their Aunt Rosalie and showing her their doll clothes. Oh, and ‘presenting’ themselves in princess dress ups! Duh.

Saturday was la-zy until a friend called and said she was going to be nearby and I invited her to drop in for coffee. And you know what I loved? She stayed for dinner. She read to the kids, we baked brownies, did nails and gabbed a bunch. It was wonderful.

Sunday morning the girls sang with the kids at Brentwood First Nazarene where they attended VBS with their friend Blake all of last week. They totally loved it and I was choked up hearing all the kids sing and doing motions and sign language to the music. It was very very sweet.

Life feels pretty beautiful. Except for the banking fiasco last week. What a disaster that was. Now that I’ve had a few days to decompress, I can see that those awful bank charges will end up having had some significance in our life. Like becoming the day we drew the line in the sand and said, “No More.”

It’s always amazing to me how life can change so quickly. It seems like every Sunday is a benchmark for me. I usually sit in church and think about the previous week and all that happened that I hadn’t expected or did and it was sucessful or something I anticipated that was great, or just simply take a deep breath because I survived it. And then, I think forward to the next week.

So I’m sitting here, looking at the moon and wondering what this week might hold for us. I just wonder. I really do.

~ by hthr on July 29, 2007.

One Response to “I wonder.”

  1. OK I’LL just be the one to say – dude mentions Dave, Brian, Dad, & friends and no mention of I don’t know the SISTER he stayed with and visited? Glad you had a great visit with your family.

    I too get choked up at the kids singing onstage at church – and they’re not even mine yet!

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