You are my Buddy Ship.

This morning, just like every morning, Avery woke up and wandered into our bedroom. It was somewhere around 6:30. She started to cry when she realized Brian had already left and I told her to crawl in bed with me and lay on his pillow. So she did and threw her little arm around my neck. She laid there a few minutes and then got a little restless. She is the morning person around here after all.

She & I chatted and joked around a little bit and laughed a lot and she gave me butterfly kisses when I pretended to doze off for another 5 minutes of sleep…and then the sweetest little thing happened. She pushed one of her arms under my neck so she could hug me tight and gave me a little kiss and said, “You are my buddy ship. You make my life an adventure. I love you.”

I layed real still and repeated it over and over in my head so I would not forget. It was truly one of the sweetest mommy moments I’ve had.
Avery on Swings


~ by hthr on July 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “You are my Buddy Ship.”

  1. that is about 500% precious.

  2. Well I don’t know exactly what that means but it is the sweetest little compliment I think I’ve ever heard.

  3. […] Kindergarten was a hit! This morning while I was packing Avery’s lunch, she got up from eating breakfast, came over and wrapped her arms around my legs and said, “I love you mama. I’m gonna miss you today.” ::sigh:: she went back to eating her breakfast, and I to making her lunch, and then she came back with more hugs. “I think you should call daddy to come home and have lunch with you today so you don’t have to eat all alone.” Oh, she is truly my buddy. […]

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