When a serious conversation is taking place at our house, it’s done sitting face to face so there are no distractions. BDub and I had one of ‘those’ conversations late Friday night. It started with me saying, “Our bedroom is a mess. I hate it.” and ended with me saying “I need a big garbage can. And I’m starting to consider that I don’t care if our house doesn’t look the way I want it to, as long as it is clean and we function exceedingly high in it.”

There was a long, silent and semi-awkward staring contest going on after that. I think he thought I was going to keep talking. Because, I do tend to think out loud and he probably thought this was one of those moments. But it wasn’t. And then, the corners of his mouth cracked a smile. And I thought, “Uh Oh. He’s gonna take me up on it.”

I’m just ready to simplify (more of) my life. Theres something about having less stuff in sight that feels good. I think. That’s what they tell me anyway.

I keep thinking this: if I had come here with only the very basics of what I needed to live comfortably, what would they be? After visualizing all that, it’s easy to see what’s the excess. Stuff I trip over. Walk around. Stuff I only deal with when I have to dust it. And stuff I never use, much less look at. It’s just there and i don’t remember what for. Brian emerged from the garage yesterday afternoon out of breath saying, “I’m about to pitch all this $%*#!” My eyebrows about hit my hairline. Seriously? (I didn’t dare him to do it, because I dared him to go without tv for 3 months and he cut the cable down to the major networks and HSN and hasn’t sat on the couch since. I’m not daring him to do anything for quite a while.)

And then theres the whole scheduling thing. Taylor starts Kindergarten in five weeks. (We bought the bookbag this weekend. It was very exciting!) Brian told me I need to “start getting up in the morning so that when school starts I’ll be used to it and the novelty of getting up early won’t wear off with the newness of it.” I was shocked that he used the word novelty when talking to me about our upcoming lifestyle change. Yes – Kindergarten is a lifestyle change, and if you dropped over for a cup of coffee unannounced at 9am on any given day, you would understand why it will be. Although I knew he was right to say so, it did bother me just a little.

The next morning I was up & after it when he was. Coffee on. Lunch made. Breakfast…showers, kids dressed…the whole nine yards before he left for work. The next day….not so much and that was three weeks ago. I guess I’ve been a little rebellious about it…at least I did prove that I could do it.

But I’m reinspired and if I don’t act on it, I will be the one begging the principal to let me do detention time or whatever for my kids tardy slips (unless Taylor keeps faking being sick, and then she’s on her own for that).

I guess it’s as Avery said tonight in her bedtime prayer, “Thank You for our beautiful blessings.”

I know she’s not talking about stuff – because she doesnt play with half of it anyway. She thanks Him for people. She names them….on and on she goes….but it’s a strong reminder to me of what matters to her at the end of the day. Which, is probably how I should go about simplifying for myself. By thinking about what matters to me, and eliminating what is irrelevant to those values. Now there’s a thought worth acting on in the morning.


~ by hthr on July 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Simplification.”

  1. Ooh, girl! It warms “the cockles of my heart” to hear you talk about getting rid of stuff. I LOVE to organize! I seriously will plan a day to come help you, we’ll put the girls down for a nap after lunch and continue on our day’s journey in the room of your choice! Bedroom your sick of? We’ll tackle it AND the closet! If you don’t LOVE IT – it needs to go!

  2. Jess and I just moved in to our new house and the garage is full of boxes…so far we’ve gone 29 days of marriage without needing ANY of it…UH OH!!!!! [Psycho music in background!]

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